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After you have reviewed your field proposal with your Polymathic Scholars NSC 109 instructor but before you meet with faculty in the semester-ending colloquy, you must submit your finished document online. Copy and paste from your proposal document responses to the following:

  1. Describe your field of study. What are some of the questions you would like to answer, and what academic disciplines do you think will be useful in answering them?
  2. Why are you interested in studying this field?
  3. Name two faculty with research interests in your area. Include their home departments and relevant research interests. If a research interest isn’t obviously related to your field, explain its relevance.
  4. Although you’re required to take only four, list six courses that address your field and explain how each fits into your planned studies.

You’ll also be asked to provide:

  • Personal Information: name, email, phone, EID
  • School Information: major, college, expected date of graduation
  • Proposed name of field

 Fair warning: The online proposal system times out after one hour.