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Come Visit Us!

We now have a two step appointment scheduling process. Our Peer Coaches will be your first point of contact. They will explain how to access HPO services and will orient you to the changes we have made for fall. 

If you would like to meet with an Health Professions Professional Coach please follow the 2 step process below. 

(Step 1) Meet with a HP Peer Coach, they have daily walk-in times M-F. They will meet with you and activate your professional coach appointments. If time permits during the walk-in, they can also answer some of the questions you have that fall in the topic areas outlined below. 

(Step 2) Decide when you would like to utlize your appointments and schedule with a Professional Health Professions Coach. Schedule appointments by calling our front desk at 512-471-3172, as we no longer utlize an online scheduling system. 

We have also differentiated our services. Check out below who to see for what: 

See a HP Peer Coach if you have any questions in the following topic areas:

  • How to use HPO services
  • Going over pre-requisites ("What do I have to take to get into X school?")
  • Shadowing opportunities (“how to find, importance of, what is”)
  • Leadership opportunities (“how to find, importance of, what are”)
  • Patient care experience (“how to find, importance of, what is”)
  • Clubs/organizations
  • How to ask for letters of recommendation/evaluation
  • Course load ("Is this reasonable to take in one semester?")
  • Study habits/tutoring resources
  • Test-taking strategies

See a Professional Health Professions Coach for any of the following:


Schedule a Pre-Health Professions Coaching session to meet with a Pre-Health Professions Coach by calling our office. These appointments cover:

  • Progress checks ("How am I doing?; What else do I need to do?")
  • Application Strategies/resources
  • Choosing letter writers ("Who should I ask?")
  • Academic turnaround ("I am worried about my GPA")
  • Potential gap year planning/Post Bacc discussions
  • Academic dishonesty/legal issues
  • Choosing a health profession and/or changing to a different health profession pathway.
  • Interview Prep
  • Personal statement brainstorming
  • Q drop questions
  • Reapplication strategies
  • Study abroad timeline
  • Alumni or Post Bacc Student questions