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Dubakula, Vandana
Vandana Dubakula
Health Professions Peer Mentor, Volunteer
Strengths: Analytical, Individualization, Includer, Learner, Discipline
Galvan, Karina
Karina Galvan

JAMP Ambassador Strengths: Context, Developer, Learner, Restorative, Empathy
Gonzalez, Maria
Maria D Gonzalez Aranda
Student Associate, Student Publications Staff
Strengths: Responsibility, Input, Achiever, Discipline, Learner
Gould, Eirin
Eirin Gould
Pre-Health Professions Coach
Strengths: Intellection, Connectedness, Consistency, Learner, Input
PAI 5.03
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Gutheil, Shannon
Shannon E Gutheil
Health Professions Office Coordinator
Strengths: Restorative, Significance, Individualization, Empathy, Consistency
PAI 5.03H
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Lacy, Carolyn
Carolyn Lacy
Administrative Coordinator
Strengths: Harmony, Restorative, Empathy, Consistency, Responsibility
PAI 5.03
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Overcash, Chris
Christopher Overcash
Health Professions Peer Mentor
Strengths: Connectedness, Empathy, Developer, Includer, and Positivity
Parrilla, Keonnie
Keonnie S Parrilla
JAMP Ambassador
Strengths: Achiever, Empathy, Includer, Intellection, Learner
Riley, Lesley
Lesley E Riley
Strengths: Connectedness, Empathy, Individualization. Achiever, Intellection
PAI 5.03
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Thompson, Grace
Grace A Thompson
Health Professions Peer Mentor
Strengths: Harmony, Consistency, Analytical, Input, Relator
Tovar, Rachel
Rachel Tovar
Health Professions Peer Mentor
Strengths: Learner, Harmony, Discipline, Responsibility, Relator
Trinh, Nancy
Nancy Trinh
JAMP Ambassador
Strengths: Includer, Woo, Positivity, Learner, Input
Trivedi, Avani
Avani G Trivedi
Pre-Health Professions Coach
Strengths: Individualization, Input, Adaptability, Relator, Ideation
Woznicki, Nathaniel
Nate Woznick
Teaching Assistant, UT Austin Student - Health Professions Graduate Intern
Strengths: Input, Ideation, Futuristic, Intellection, Focus