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As part of its 21st Century Graduate Education Initiatives, CNS is offering an expanding selection of professional development electives for students who desire additional preparation for their career goals.

1. Concentration in Teaching and Mentoring

2. Concentration in Communicating Science

3. Concentration in Leadership and Project Management

4. Data Analysis Training

You can find more information about these offerings here.


Concentration in Teaching and Mentoring


The Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science (TIDES) offers a flexible collection of professional development opportunities for graduate students, postdocs, and faculty who are interested in learning about and practicing effective teaching and mentoring principles. Participants will expand their knowledge of and experience in teaching and mentoring beyond what is typically gained from TA experience. The products of required assignments could be useful during an academic job search, or for promotion & tenure. Participants who complete all four core requirements and two elective modules will earn the CNS Concentration in Teaching and Mentoring. More information about this concentration is available here.



Concentration in Communicating Science

Science literacy is of growing importance in society, as individuals in the public and private sectors are increasingly exposed to research but may have little or no background in reading and interpreting research findings. Beginning in Spring 2018, CNS is partnering with the Moody College of Communications to offer training in communicating science to general audiences. The objective of this partnership is to equip CNS graduate students and postdocs with the skills needed to effectively communicate complex scientific concepts to lay audiences. This training consists of two components: an introductory seminar and a practicum. Students may elect to participate only in the seminar or in both components concurrently. Students who complete parts both will earn the CNS Concentration in Communicating Science. More information about available course options may be found here.


Concentration in Leadership and Project Management

Leadership and organizational skills are important attributes for many careers, both inside and outside of academia. Beginning in Spring 2018, CNS is partnering with the McCombs School of business to offer a two-course sequence for students who desire training in leadership and project management. The first class, Leading People and Organizations, will be offered in Spring 2018. The second class, Strategic Management, will be offered in Fall 2018. Students who successfully complete both will earn the CNS Concentration in Leadership and Project Management. More information about these courses may be found here.


Data Analysis Training

It's important that our graduate have transferrable skills, regardless of their career path. Beginning in the Fall of 2018, we're offering a series of workshops designed to ensure students have basic skills for Unix, Python, R, and SQL. Each workshop lasts 6 hours. Specific information about each offering can be found here.