Fall 2017 graduate courses

MNS 481C Marine Ecosystem Dynamics

Profs. Ken Dunton and Ed Buskey. M,W 9-10:30am, F 9-10am, Video-linked to Austin in FNT 1.104. Interactions between organisms and the physical processes that regulate productivity and distribution of marine life in oceanic and coastal ecosystems.

MNS 482C Marine Biogeochemistry

Drs. Zhanfei Liu and Amber Hardison. M,W 10:30-noon, F 10-11am, Video-linked to Austin in FNT 1.104. Study of chemical, biological, geological, and physical processes that influence cycling of bioactive elements in marine waters and sediments.

MNS 193 Principles of Marine Science: Genomics in Ocean Sciences

Dr. Brett Baker, Th 9-10am. The field of genomics is revolutionizing our understanding of life in the oceans. Innovations in sequencing technologies and computation have enabled us to reconstruct microbial genomes from nature and track their transcriptional and proteomic activity. In this course, we review seminal publications that have advanced our understanding of marine microbial ecology and biogeochemistry. This course will also serve as a forum to discuss commonly used and emerging genomic approaches.

MNS 193 Principles of Marine Science: Marine Populations and Fisheries

Dr. Lee Fuiman. T 10-11am.

MNS 193 Topic 2 Principles of Marine Science: Isotope Ecology

Dr. James McClelland. Th 11am-noon. Consideration of the stable hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur stable isotope ratio variations in ecological settings, including chemical fundamentals; current literature on food-webs and source studies.


Spring 2018 graduate courses

MNS 483C Adaptations to the Marine Environment

Drs. Lee Fuiman and Peter Thomas, MW 2:00-4:00pm. The physiological basis for organismal and population-level responses to marine environments.

MNS 393 Topic 11 Topics in Marine Science: Coastal Watersheds

Drs. Jim McClelland and Melinda Taylor, TTh 10:30am-12:00pm. Video-linked to Austin. Students located in Austin should register for unique in JON 5.202. Students in Port Aransas register for unique in ERC video classroom. Meets with LAW 379M. Covers water use, land use and land cover change, and climate change as they relate to biological, physical, and geochemical processes in watersheds. Includes the impact of changing watershed export on coastal ocean ecosystems. Emphasizes case studies on different regions of the United States.

MNS 193 Topics in Marine Science: Classic and Emerging Issues in Fisheries

Dr. Brad Erisman, Th 2:00-3:00pm. Marine fisheries ecology combines the fields of marine ecology, ichthyology, fisheries science, conservation biology, and natural resources management.  This course will focus on emerging issues and research advances in a variety of topics, including overfishing, climate change, fisheries management strategies, and reproductive resilience. The course will be comprised of a mixture of lectures, student-led discussions and presentations, and in-class assignments.

MNS 293 Topics in Marine Science: Marine Organic Geochemistry

Dr. Zhanfei Liu and Amber Hardison.

MNS 191 Seminar in Marine Science: Scientific Skills

Dr. Brad Erisman, F 1:00am-2:00pm. Recent advances in the marine sciences, discussed by students, faculty and staff members, and guest lecturers.