Fall 2017 Courses

NEU 381N Basic Processs of Nerve Cells

Prof. George Bittner, MW9-10:30 am. Degeneration and regeneration in nervous systems following traumatic injury; invertebrate versus vertebrate, peripheral nervous system versus central nervous system, axonal versus cell body, role of glia versus neurons.

NEU 382T Principles of Neuroscience I

Prof. Darin Brager, TTh 9:30-1 pm. Examines the core material on essential topics in neuroscience from the molecular to the systems and behavioral levels.

NEU 383C Functional Neuroanatomy

Prof. Francisco Gonzalez-Lima, TTh 3:30-5 pm. An examination of the anatomy of the brain and spinal cord, emphasizing connections and functions of neural systems.

NEU 384M Advanced Statistics: Inferential

Prof. Hixon, TTh 11-12:30 pm. Covers t-test, chi-square, analysis of variance, and nonparametric tests.

NEU 185D Responsible Conduct of Science

Prof. Rueben Gonzales, M 12-1 pm. Ethical considerations in the conduct of science, including issues of animal welfare, data analysis, fraud, publications, misconduct, intellectual property, grants, peer review, and mentor responsibility.

NEU 285L Fundamentals of Fluorescence Microscopy

Prof. Som Mukhopadhyay, W 12-3 pm. Class covers fundamental principles of optics, fluorescence, confocal microscopes, detectors and image analyses. It is designed to help advanced graduate students learn the foundational principles of microscopy so that they may obtain higher quality and quantitative data from their experiments. Classes have a one our lecture and two hour demo. Demos are in the ICMB Imaging Core and supervised by Julie Hayes.

NEU 385L.8 Ion Channels and Neuronal Signaling

Prof. Rick Aldrich, TTh 2-3:30 pm. Molecular properties of ion channels and the mechanisms of electrical signaling in neurons and other excitable cells.

NEU 385L.13 Neurobiology of Disease

Prof. Hitoshi Morikawa, TTh 11-12:30 pm and F 3-5 pm. Examines the neurobiological basis of disorders of the brain, with a focus on mental illness. Emphasis on the neural circuitries and neurochemical events that underlie specific mental processes and behaviors.

NEU 486G Functional and Synaptic Neuroanatomy

Prof. Kristen Harris, T 3:30-5 pm and Th 3:30-6 pm. Neuroanatomy and functional connectivity as a basis for brain function and behavior examined from gross structure, cytology and nanoscale synaptic connectivity. Subjects includes somatosensory, motor, visual, auditory, olfactory, taste, limbic, vestibular, hypothalamus, and other systems in addition to the synaptic basis of learning and memory, fear, sleep, stress, and synaptic changes during development, aging, mental retardation, and neurological diseases. Laboratory projects include three-dimensional reconstructions from serial section electron microscopy.

NEU 191 Graduate Seminar in Neuroscience

Prof. George Pollak, W 10-11 am. Presentations and discussions of research topics in neuroscience.

NEU 394P Grant Writing Behavior and Bio Science

Prof. Alison Preston, W 1-4 pm. This course has two major goals: (1) to introduce students to grant writing in the behavioral and biological sciences and (2) to help students develop their grant writing skills. We will discuss topics such as: finding grant opportunities, planning your proposal activities, successful grant writing strategies, and how to talk to grant program officers. Students will be required to write grant proposals (e.g., proposals to federal agencies such as NSF or NIH) and revise their proposals based on peer and instructor feedback. Students will also learn about how grant proposals are reviewed by participating in a mock review session.

NEU 394P Intro to Sensory-Motor Systems

Prof. Mary Hayhoe, W 9-12 pm

NEU 394P Neural Networks

Prof. Risto Mijkkulainen, Th 9-12 pm. Biological information processing; architectures and algorithms for supervised learning, self-organization, reinforcement learning, and neuro-evolution; theoretical analysis; hardware implementations and simulators; applications in engineering, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science.

NEU 394P.1 Current Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience

Prof. Marie Monfils, W 3-6 pm. Brain-behavior relationships, particularly recent research in behavioral neuroscience, including the anatomical and neurochemical mechanisms of behavioral events, and behavioral influences on the brain.

Spring 2018 Courses (tentative)

NEU 380E Vision Systems

Prof. Bill Geisler, TTh 12:30-2 pm. Introduction to the anatomy, physiology, and psychophysics of human vision from an information-processing and computational perspective.

NEU 383D Neuropharmacology

Prof. Rueben Gonzales, TTh 2-3:30pm. An advanced survey of neurotransmitters and systems in the brain. Emphasis is on pharmacological analysis at the molecular level to determine mechanisms of action of drugs that act on the brain.

NEU 383T Principles of Neuroscience II

Dr. Darrin Brager, TTh 3:30-5pm. Review and discussion of research in all fields of neuroscience, including molecular, cellular, behavioral, and systems. Examines important early studies and contemporary work.

NEU 385L Basic Principles in Experimental Design and Statistics

Prof. Micky Marinelli, M 8:15-11:45am. Basic principles in experimental design and statistics with a focus on real world situations that may be encountered while performing scientific research. Overview of the effective presentation of statistical results, displaying professionalism, and communication skills.

NEU 385L Pharmacological Mechanics of Addiction

Prof. Micky Marinelli, TTh 12:30-2pm and W 8-9am. Course provide a graduate level understanding of topics covered in BIO 365W Neurobiology of Disease. The additional meeting time will provide opportunities for in-depth analyses of drugs abuse and addiction theories through the student presentations followed up by group discussion. 

NEU 380C Computational Neuroscience

Prof. Ila Fiete, F 12-3pm. Introduction to computational neuroscience. Examines neural network and learning theory, coding, dynamics, memory, computation and learning in recurrent and feed forward neural circuits.

NEU 385L.9 Synaptic Physiology and Plasticity in the Central Nervous System

Prof. Dan Johnston, TTh 2-3:30 pm. Detailed background in the physiology and plasticity of synaptic transmission in the mammalian central nervous system.

NEU 391N Learning and Memory

Prof. Mike Domjan, TTh 11-12:30pm. Presentation of contemporary approaches to the study of conditioning and learning at the behavioral level. Focuses on empirical data and theoretical analysis of acquisition and performance in Pavlovian and instrumental conditioning. Includes discussion of habituation, sensitization, stimulus control, and other paradigms for studying cognitive processes in nonverbal organisms.

NEU 394P fMRI Brain Decoding

Prof. Jarrod Lewis-Peacock, W 1-4pm. Explores cutting-edge techniques for finding meaningful patterns in large, noisy brain data sets, and how to use these techniques to address a variety of questions in cognitive neuroscience.

NEU 394P.1 Current Topics in Behavioral Neuroscience

Prof. Marie Monfils, W 3-6 pm. Brain-behavior relationships, particularly recent research in behavioral neuroscience, including the anatomical and neurochemical mechanisms of behavioral events, and behavioral influences on the brain.