fall 2017 courses

NSC 088L Intro to Evidence Based Teaching

T 5:00-6:30pm. This seminar is designed for graduate students (and postdocs) interested in learning how to teach science effectively in their own courses rather than as teaching assistants. Topics include defining learning objectives, designing learning tasks, observing classrooms to identify effective teaching strategies, and practice teaching. Participants will also develop familiarity with research on science teaching and learning, including how and why to lead class discussions, structure group work, engage students with different levels of preparation and motivation, and promote equity in the classroom. No pre-requisites.


spring 2018 courses

NSC 088T Mentored Teaching Experience

No meeting time assigned. In this seminar, graduate students and postdocs who have completed Introduction to Evidence-based Teaching or the equivalent will design, teach, and conduct assessment of an instructional unit (~3 hours of class time) in an undergraduate CNS course. The process will be accomplished in collaboration with a faculty member currently teaching the course, with guidance and mentorship from an education specialist in TIDES. Total time commitment is ~15 hours, which is scheduled on an ad hoc basis over a semester. This time commitment includes designing and planning instruction, practice teaching, formal classroom instruction, informal student interaction, and student assessment. NSC 088L – Introduction to Evidence-based Teaching is a prerequisite for this seminar.

NSC 088M Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers

Meeting times to be arranged. This seminar aims to develop graduate students’ and postdocs' skills in mentoring undergraduates and other junior researchers in doing STEM research. The course will involve discussions about how to define appropriate projects, establish relationships, set expectations, encourage communication, balance guidance and independence, and consider ethical issues and diversity in mentoring. No pre-requisites.