notes about CNS graduate course listings

Course lists include graduate-level courses offered through CNS departments in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. These lists are provided as a service to CNS graduate students and their supervisors. Not all courses listed here are open to students in outside graduate programs/disciplines. Please note any restrictions listed, and keep in mind that graduate majors have priority (over students in outside departments) for some of these courses.

Course prerequisites are not included here, but can be found be searching the official Course Registration website:


information about the concentration in teaching and mentoring

Starting in Fall 2016, the Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science will offer a 3-seminar course series for graduate students and postdocs interested in learning to teach and mentor effectively. These courses will allow students to expand their knowledge and experience in teaching and mentoring beyond what is typically gained from a TA experience. Graduate students and postdocs who complete all 3 seminar courses (Introduction to Evidence-Based Teaching, Mentored Teaching Experience, and Mentoring Undergraduate Reseachers) will earn the CNS Graduate Concentration in Teaching and Mentoring. More information about these courses is available here.

These seminars are offered as zero-credit hour courses, and therefore, can be added on top of a grad student's standard semester courseload and registration requirement, without incurring additional tuition costs.