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We are grateful for the following donors whose giving to the College of Natural Sciences during the 17-18 academic year will allow our dean to invest in our most strategic opportunities. Names below reflect giving as of September 2017 and this list is being updated periodically. All attempts have been made to accurately reflect donor names – any questions or errors, please contact Marsha Reardon at mreardon@austin.utexas.edu or (512) 232-4470.



Curie Level: $20,000

Mr. Bob O'Rear


Darwin Level: $5,000

T. Joiner Cartwright, Jr., Ph.D.

Dr. Roger S. Chen

Mr. John Paul DeJoria

Mr. Anshuman Goyal

Brian and Wendi Kushner

Mr. Perry J. Lyons

Ms. Lynn McBee

Ms. Vi N. Phu


Newton Level: $2,000


Dr. H. Franklyn Alexander

Anne K. Andersen, M.D.

Mr. Malcolm D. Bailey

Mr. Thomas L. Baker

Mr. Nicholas Barnard

Mr. Stoney B. Barton

Drs. Julie and Marc Boom

Mr. David D. Braun

Dr. Beth Burnside

Rear Admiral John D. Butler, U.S.N. (Ret.)

Mr. George J. Casey

Mr. David Chappell

Robert R. Cocke IV

Mr. Jeffrey B. Cotten

Robert K. Cowan, Jr., M.D.

Mr. Michael W. Dawkins

Mr. E. Ted Davis

Mr. Norbert D. Dittrich

Mrs. Jean K. Durkee

Ms. Tyrrell E. Flawn

Mr. Harvey J. Frye

Dr. John C. Gilbert

Mrs. Jennifer Barrett Glasgow

Andy & Peggy Greenawalt

F. Parker Gregg, M.D.

Dr. Roderick J. Harwood

Mr. Ralph T. Hull

Susan Thomas Jastrow

Mrs. Elizabeth J. Keig

Jeff and Gail Kodosky

Ms. Gail Dianne Lewis

Dr. Ze Ming Liu

Mr. Benjamin L. Manny, Jr.

Dr. Lauren B. Marangell

Dr. David K. Northington III

Mrs. Tracy LaQuey Parker

William C. Pederson, M.D.

Ted M. and Ann C. Pettijohn

Mr. Randall J. Phillips

James A. Prentice, M.D.

Dr. Glenn A. Rogers

Dr. Kenneth E. Ruby

Dr. M. Catherine Sargent

Mr. David Sassen

Mr. James A. Scott

Mrs. Karen L. Shewbart

Dr. Gabriel M. Silberman

Dr. Peggy B. Smith

Anthony J. Weido, M.D.

Mrs. Sonia W. Wilson

Dr. Matthew M. Winkler

Tony and Cathleen Witte, Jr.

Dr. Jean-Paul Wolinsky

Dr. Zuoshun Zhang