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Students are an integral part of CNS, providing companies with highly motivated and well-equipped graduates ready to enter the career world. The College of Natural Sciences offers opportunities for corporations to engage with students through scholarships, research stipends, student organization events, and recruiting.

Recruitment, Internships, and Employment
Every year nearly 2,000 students graduate from the college and become our future scientists, doctors, mathematicians, technologists, educators, and entrepreneurs. Many companies look to recruit student talent.

Scholarships and Fellowships for Undergraduate, Graduate or Doctoral Students

Your organization can create scholarships or fellowships to support students’ learning. This support helps retain top student talent while elevating your organization’s brand.

Research Stipends

Your organization can create research stipends to help faculty and students develop new technologies, ideas, and solutions that can change the world and enhance your company's field of work.

Classroom-Based Opportunities

Many faculty look to corporate speakers to enrich classes by providing real-world examples from industry partners. Contact us to set up your next speaking engagement on the Forty Acres.

To become a corporate partner, please contact Ellen Hull, Director of Development, email ellen.hull@austin.utexas.edu or cnsgiving@austin.utexas.edu.