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FRI admitted students will have an opportunity to select their TOP FIVE Research Streams in a process called Stream Sort, which will place them in to a stream in the Spring semester.  To give students a better feel for what each stream has to offer and an opportunity to ask questions, most streams offer Open House Hours, where you will be able to interact with current students, peer mentors, and the Research Educator.   

If you can't make any of the listed times, contact the Research Educator to set up an appointment via e-mail.  


  • Tours typically last ~30 min - 1h.  
  • BOLD research streams are located in a wet-laboratory, meaning you are required to wear proper safety attire (closed-toed shoes and long pants/skirts) during your tour.  If you are entering the lab, you will be provided with a lab coat.


Stream Contact Open House Hours Location & Notes
Dr. Gwen Stovall 12-1pm, 1-2pm, 5-6pm; Tu, Th 11-12pm W, F 12-1pm, 1-2pm PAI 2.14.  Meet outside of the lab by the posters at the start time.
Autonomous Robots Dr. Justin Hart Oct 17 & 21 5:15-7:15pm GDC 3.402
Behavioral Neuroscience
Dr. Nigel Atkinson Oct 15, 16, 17, 18 1-2pm
PAI 2.46
Big Data in Biology youngrl@utexas.edu; benni@utexas.edu Oct 7 4-5pm; Oct 9 2:30-3:30pm; Oct 11 2-3pm; Oct 15 12:30-1:30pm; Oct 16 12-1pm 

FNT 1.206A (Oct 7, 11, 15)

FNT 1.104 (Oct 9, 16)

Bioactive Molecules Dr. Elizabeth Ilardi Oct 10 1:30-2pm; Oct 14 11:30-12pm; Oct 16 10:30-11am Oct 18 11-11:30am
WEL 2.106.  Meet outside of the lab by the poster at the start time. 
Dr. Soo-Hyun Yang 3-4pm; Tu, Th, F 12-1pm; 1-2pm  NHB 1.310.  Arrive at the start time. 
Biodiversity Dr. Susan Cameron Devitt Sign Up Here PAI 2.03
Dr. Moriah Sandy M, Tu, W 12pm PAI 2.10.  Wait in the hallway at the start time. 
Bugs in Bugs Dr. Jo-anne Holley 11-11:30am; 2-2:30pm; Th 1-1:30pm 12-12:30pm PAI 2.03 M 
Computational Materials Dr. Juliana Duncan M, W 10-10:30am; Tu, Th 12 -12:30pm
WEL 2.128
Discovering Signals Dr. Greg Clark 11-12pm; Tu 4-5pm; W 12-1pm; Oct 11 10-11am  BIO 6.  Arrive at the start time.
Discrete Mathematics Dr. Mark Daniels 10-10:30am  PMA (RLM) 10.114
DIY Diagnostics
Dr. Tim Riedel 2pm; Th 1pm  PAI 2.10.  Wait in the hallway at the start time. 
Fish Behavior Dr. Mary Ramsey 3-4pm; 1-2pm  PAI 2.18.  Meet outside in the hallway!
Functional Genomics
Dr. Dia Bagchi Th 10-11am, 2-3pm; 3-4pm NMS 1.228.  Arrive at the start time.
Gene Networks
Dr.  Al MacKrell Tu 3:30-4:30pm 5-6pm; Th 2:30-3:30pm; 3-4pm BIO 406.  Arrive at the start time.
Glow Worms Dr. Daniel Dickinson Oct 8 2pm; Oct 9 4pm; Oct 17 11am; Oct 18 2pm BIO 406
Luminators Dr. Lauren DePue Ward Oct 10 1-1:30pm; Oct 14 11-11:30am; Oct 16 10-10:30am WEL 2.104.2.  Meet in hallway. 
Magnetic Matter Gregorio Ponti 1-1:30 pm; 1:30-2pm, 3-:30pm, 3:30-4pm, 1:30-2pm, 2-2:30, Th 2:30-3pm, 3-3:30pm


PMA (RLM) 13.306

Microbe Hackers
Dr. Dennis Mishler Sign Up Here NHB 1.310.  Meet in hallway by the windows. 
Nano Chemistry Dr. Tony Dylla Sign Up Here WEL 2.102.2.  Meet in hallway.
Plant Pathways Dr. Tony Gonzalez M, F 10am-12pm; 2-4pm; Th 11am-1pm  NMS 1.228
Quantum Computing Dr. Brian La Cour and Dr. Noah Davis Tu, Th 5-6pm PHR 2.116
Robot Learning Dr. Rudolf Lioutikov   Oct 10, 15 3:30-4:30pm GDC 5.710b. Arrive at the start time. 
Supra Sensors
Dr. Diana Zamora-Olivares Tu 5-6pm; 11am-12pm; 4-5pm WEL 2.102.  Arrive at the start time.
Virtual Cures - ARI Dr. Josh Beckham Sign Up Here PAI 2.14
Virtual Cures - FRI Dr. Josh Beckham Sign Up Here PAI 2.14
White Dwarf Stars Dr. Michael Montgomery W, Th 4-4:30pm PMA (RLM) 15.202A