Open House Hours & Locations will be listed in Fall 2018.


In October, FRI Freshman will have an opportunity to select their top 5 Research Streams in a process called Stream Sort, which will place them into a Research Group for Spring. This Fall, to give students a better feel for what each stream has to offer, most streams are holding Open House Hours, listed below.  These are times when you can "drop-in" to the location listed.  If you can't make any of the listed times, email the Research Educator to set up an appointment (click on the Research Educator's name to email). Some faculty, particularly those with smaller streams, prefer you simply email them to set up an appointment.  That is also indicated below.

A full list of Streams can be found HERE.

Open house hours will be held on the days and times below September 11 through 29, unless otherwise noted.

You may drop in during the times below; typically the lab tour takes about 30 minutes. If you arrive after the open house start time, the Research Educator may be part way through a discussion/tour. You are welcome to join, and stay during the rest of the open house hour to catch up and ask questions. (Exceptions to this are noted under "open house hours" below.)

Research Stream                 

Research Educator

Open House

Location & Notes


Dr. Gregory Palmer




Dr. Gwen Stovall


Autonomous Robots

Dr. Justin Hart

Big Data in Biology Dr. Dhivya Arasappan


Bioactive Molecules

Dr. Elizabeth Ilardi




Dr. Soo-Hyun Yang


Biodiversity Dr. Susan Cameron Devitt    


Dr. Brandon Campitelli




Bugs in Bugs Dr. Jo-anne Holley

Discovering Signals

Dr. Greg Clark



DIY Diagnostic

Dr. Tim Riedel


Fish Behavior Dr. Mary Ramsey    

Functional Genomics

Dr. Dia Bagchi


Gene Detectives Dr. Robin Gutell    

Gene Networks

Dr.  Al MacKrell




Dr. Lauren DePue


Magnetic Matter

Dr. Shirin Mozaffari & Gregorio Ponti



Microbe Hackers

Dr. Dennis Mishler



Nano Chemistry

Dr. Tony Dylla



Plant Pathways

Dr. Tony Gonzalez


Practical Sensors Dr. Pedro Metola  
Robot Learning      
Quantum Computing  Dr. Brian La Cour and Dr. James Troupe    

Supra Sensors

Dr. Diana Zamora-Olivares




Dr. Mark Daniels



Virtual Chemistry Dr. Juliana Duncan


Virtual Cures ARI/FRI Dr. Josh Beckham    
White Dwarf Stars Dr. Michael Montgomery