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  • Stipends available for Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) students participating in their first summer research experience (FRI alumni conducting more advanced summer projects in or outside of stream labs should apply to the TIDES Summer Research Funding for advanced work).
  • Support can be for full or part time research placements, determined by your research supervisor and the availability of each type of position in your lab.
  • Full-time requires 35-40 hours per week for at least 8 weeks.
  • Half-time requires either 18-20 hours per week for eight weeks or 35-40 hours per week for four weeks.
  • The level of stipend and the exact dates and hours committed to research each week will be arranged with your research supervisor.
  • Apply HERE.
  • Applications due Spring 2019.
  • Questions - contact Lynda Gonzales.

Special opportunity for students who have transferred to UT Austin from a community college: We have a limited number of awards that are designated specifically for community college transfer students. These awards include a full-time fellowship to support your work in the lab plus on-campus summer housing. If you’re interested, there is a place to indicate in your application that you are a community college transfer student and that you want to be considered for this special award.