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We are now offering a one-semester FRI experience this Fall, called FRI’ – Inquiry and Innovation! 

Research is a great way to discover your interests while learning valuable skills that will help you in your future, regardless of your career path. 

A one-semester FRI' Inquiry and Innovation course experience will enable you to:
  • Kindle a passion and facility for scientific inquiry.
  • Learn how to ask and answer hard questions while delving deeply into a science topic and working closely with UT faculty.
  • Develop the skills for independent and intelligent experiment design while introducing you to techniques and science needed to carry out research.
  • Find opportunities at UT and beyond, including getting involved in UT's research laboratories.


Eligibility & ReGISTRATION

  • Open to all CNS students of all grade levels who wish to enroll.
  • Select one of the course options listed below and register using the appropriate unique number.


FRI' Stream Course Options