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Sophomores, Juniors, and Transfer students are encouraged to apply for Spring.

Inspired by the success of the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI), the Accelerated Research Initiative (ARI) Spring Start was launched in Spring of 2016 to offer CNS students in their second year and beyond the opportunity to begin doing research guided by CNS Faculty.

To apply, fill out the Stream Sort Form on the Stream Sort page.  



  • Transfer students who have been accepted to CNS are eligible for ARI Spring Start.
  • CNS sophomores and juniors who did not participate in FRI are eligible for ARI Spring Start.

Former FRI students may also apply, but students without prior research experience will be given priority.

Program overview

Students in ARI Spring Start can apply to join any of the Research Streams, but these streams that offer upper division lab credits in Spring may be of particular interest:

Click here to see the Course Credits offered.

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Spring: Students will register for course credit for their Research Stream, and start research.

Summer: Students will have the opportunity to apply for a Summer Research Fellowship in their Research Stream.  Students also have the option to volunteer in their streams with the consent of their Research Educator.

Fall: Students will register for course credit for their Research Stream, and continue their research. 


Students applying to ARI Spring Start will be sorted into a Research Stream during the application process.  Once assigned, students will register for course credit for their Research Stream in the spring semester.


Time Frame  Event

Explore the Research Streams

Read about the Research Streamswatch some Stream Videosand visit stream Open House Hours. You can ask questions, talk to other students, meet the Research Educators, and see the labs. 

September /  October                                                                                  

Check Course Credits and Scheduling Issues

Once you identify several Research Streams that interest you, be sure to check the Course Credits Offered by the streams, and check that you can fit the stream meeting time in your planned schedule.


Fill out an ARI Application (a.k.a. Stream Sort form)

Students will have the opportunity to submit, online, their top 5 research stream choices, and a brief statement explaining their choice. The ARI Application (a.k.a. Stream Sort form) will be open in October.

Late October

Get Sorted

Students are sorted into Research Streams based on student preference and research stream availability. We do our best to give students one of their top choices.

Early November

Get a Stream Assignment

Students are notified of their Stream assignments and the unique number of the course(s) associated with that Stream.


If you have a course conflict with the stream you've been placed in, and you feel very strongly that you need to change streams, the Stream Switch form is available. It may not be possible to accommodate all requests, but we will do our best.

Late October-

Early November

Register for your Stream

Students register themselves for the stream they've been placed in, following the instructions in the stream assignment email.


If you have questions about ARI Spring start, please contact us at fristreamsort@gmail.com.