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The FRI's proven track record of success means…
  • More students enter scientific career paths and participate more fully in the research community.
  • Freshmen are involved directly with top faculty and graduate students.
  • FRI graduates are better prepared for honors theses, industry internships, graduate school and research experiences abroad.
  • Participants gain critical thinking, technical and problem-solving skills.
  • Students make a difference doing things like programming autonomous robots, identifying new antibacterial compounds, exploring the theoretical physics of white dwarf stars, and creating apps to collect and report public health data. 
  • Students participate in authentic research from the start, while they earn course credit that counts towards their degree requirements. 
  • Students publish in peer-reviewed journals and present at national conferences.
  • Their data contributes to larger faculty research projects.    

The graphic below shows what makes FRI unique–and why programs across the country are now working to replicate the model on their own campuses.


FRI Infographic