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How much of the certificate must be completed in residence at UT?

UT policy stipulates that at least half of the certificate courses (9 hours) must be taken in residence at UT.

My degree requirements are complete and I am graduating, but I still have some certificate courses to complete. Can I finish the certificate after graduating?

UT policy stipulates that students may compete a certificate after graduating if they completed at least half of the certificate courses (9 hours) before graduation. The certificate must be completed within one year of graduation.

What if I want to pursue another certificate in addition to Food & Society?

Taking on multiple certificates will require detailed planning to stay on track for four-year graduation. The sooner you can devise your graduation plan, the better. Work closely with your major advisor to review and plan your remaining major requirements so you can see clearly how much space you have to add in certificate requirements.

Will I receive a paper certificate when I finish?

No, but your transcript will reflect completion of the Certificate and you may list the Certificate on your resume or CV. 

How many hours of theme courses can I take toward the Certificate?

The Certificate is a total of 18 hours comprised of several food and society related themes and nutrition courses. Students must complete an Introductory Nutrition class in addition to 15 hours of coursework chosen from a minimum of two of the themes. No more than 9 hours in a single theme may be applied toward the certificate. 9 hours of the 15 hours must be completed at the upper-division level. 

Can I take a theme course outside of UT and count it toward a theme or Nutrition requirements?

Transferred courses may be counted towards requirements if the course is a direct equivalent as a certificate course. This means the transfer course is evaluated to have the same department and course number as a certificate course.

The course I want to take for a theme is restricted, how do I get in?

The course being listed as an option on the certificate does not guarantee enrollment. You will need to contact the advising office of the department offering the course to see if you can add the course you want.

Who do I contact if I can't find an answer to my question?

Email your question to the Food and Society advisor Briana Denham at briana.denham@austin.utexas.edu.

Always have backup options that are unrestricted and be prepared to be flexible with your schedule in order to complete the certificate in a timely manner (i.e. don’t wait several semesters for a specific course to be offered because there are no guarantees that it will be offered or available; prioritize accessible courses).

When should I fill out the request to have the certificate transcripted?

During your last semester, you should complete the Completion Survey on the “Application Steps” page.