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The College of Natural Sciences Teaching Excellence Award

The College of Natural Sciences is home to a large number of committed, innovative educators that help our students learn a demanding curriculum. The College of Natural Sciences Teaching Excellence Award celebrates the members of our faculty that excel in the classroom. Recipients of CNS Teaching Excellence Awards are CNS's educational innovators, who embody and demonstrate commitment to CNS's mission: To provide an excellent, research-oriented education in science, mathematics and computing that fosters the success of its students, to discover important new knowledge through research and to create an intellectually and scientifically enriched environment that advances a vibrant Texas and beyond. This includes fostering a college climate of belonging and inclusivity through demonstrated efforts in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Stanley J. Roux Excellence in Experiential Teaching Award

The College of Natural Sciences is leading the way at the University of Texas at Austin in providing experiential learning opportunities for our students through implementation of authentic research and hands-on engagement as a teaching tool in their classrooms. Recipients of this award will have demonstrated innovative pedagogy by using novel research and/or hands-on learning activities in their science classroom with demonstrated positive impacts on student learning and outcomes


2022 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Biology Instruction Office  Laura Gonzalez
Chemistry Zachariah Page
Computer Science  Angela Beasley
Freshman Research Initiative Tim Riedel
Integrative Biology Amelia Wolf
Mathematics Alex Macedo
Molecular Biosciences Johann Eberhart
Neuroscience Michela Marinelli
UTeach Pamela Elias
UTeach Deanna Buckley


2021 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Astronomy  Keith Hawkins
Biology Instruction Office Ann Thijs
Computer Science  Sarah Abraham
Freshman Research Initiative Soo Hyun Yang
Human Development and Family Sciences Fatima Varner
Mathematics Kathryn Dabbs
Mathematics Shinko Harper
Nutritional Sciences Ladia Hernandez
Physics Aaron Zimmerman
Statistics and Data Sciences KyongJoo Hong
UTeach Accelerate Ariel J. Taylor


2020 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Astronomy Caitlin Casey
Biology Instruction Office Katie Bruner
Chemistry Stacy Sparks
Chemistry Lauren Webb
Computer Science Glenn Downing
Computer Science Etienne Vouga
Freshman Research Initiative Dennis Mishler
Freshman Research Initiative Elizabeth Ilardi
Molecular Biosciences David Taylor
Nutritional Sciences Laura Lashinger
Physics Vernita Gordon

2019 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Astronomy Stella Offner
Computer Science Scott Niekum
Human Development and Family Sciences Karen Fingerman 
Integrative Biology Travis LaDuc
Mathematics Joel Niebert
Molecular Biosciences Jessie Zhang
Neuroscience Michael Mauk
Nutritional Sciences Drew Hays
Physics Christina Markert
Statistics & Data Sciences Michael Mahometa 
UTeach Kelli Allen


2018 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Chemistry Carlos Baiz
Mathematics Kathy Davis
Biology Instruction Office Kristin Patterson
Integrative Biology Stephen Phelps
Chemistry Emily Que
Statistics & Data Sciences Sally Ragsdale
Nutritional Sciences Stefano Tiziani


2017 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Computer Science Alison Norman
Human Development and Family Sciences Su Yeong Kim
Chemistry Shagufta Shabbir
Mathematics Pedro Morales
Chemistry Sean Roberts

2016 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Human Development and Family Sciences Natalie Ammon
Astronomy Steve Finkelstein
Statistics and Data Sciences Kristin Harvey
Mathematics John Meth
Physics Roy Schwitters
Molecular Biosciences Jason Upton


2015 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Physics Can Kilic
Neuroscience Kimberly Raab-Graham
Statistics and Data Sciences Margaret 'Maggie' Myers
Chemistry Michael Rose
Human Ecology Jaimie Davis
Physics Boris Breizman
Integrative Biology Shalene Jha
Marine Science Gerald 'Chris' Shank
Mathematics Amanda Hager
Mathematics Gustavo Cepparo
Molecular Biosciences Andy Ellington
Computer Science Peter Stone
Molecular Biosciences Jeffrey Barrick


2014 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Astronomy Volker Bromm
Neuroscience Laura Colgin
Mathematics Mark Daniels
Chemistry Guangbin Dong
Human Ecology Paul Eastwick
Physics Richard Fitzpatrick
Integrative Biology Johann Hofmann
Biology Instructional Office  Martha Maas
Physics John Markert
Mathematics Mark Maxwell
Biology Instructional Office Barbara Moore
Computer Science Vitaly Shmatikov
Molecular Biosciences Gwendolyn Stovall


2013 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Computer Science Adam Klivans
Textiles & Apparel Ann Reed
Nutritional Sciences Chris Jolly
Integrative Biology Christine Hawkes
Marine Science Dong-Ha Min
Neurobiology Ila Fiete
Mathematics Jennifer Mann Austin
Freshman Research Initiative Josh Beckham
Human Development & Family Sciences Liz Gershoff
Statistics & Scientific Computation Peter Mueller
Physics Philip Morrison
School of Biological Sciences Richard Taylor
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Sara Sawyer
Chemistry & Biochemistry Simon Humphrey
Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology Steven Vokes


2012 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Integrative Biology Craig Randy Linder
Marine Science Deanna L. Erdner
Biochemistry David Hoffman
Physics Gregory Fiete
UTeach Jason Ermer
School of Biological Sciences Jessica Wandelt
Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology Janice Fischer
Astronomy Shardha Jogee
Mathematics Dan Knopf
Human Dev & Family Sci Marci. E. J. Gleason
Computer Science Michael Walfish
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology M. Stephen Trent
FRI Stacia E Rodenbusch
Statistics and Scientific Computation James Scott


2011 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Astronomy Greg Shields
School of Biological Sciences Jennifer Moon
Integrative Biology Michael Ryan
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology Jennifer Morgan
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Christopher Sullivan
Neurobiology Nicholas Priebe
Chemistry and Biochemistry Allen Bard
Computer Science Michael Dahlin
Human Ecology Lydia Steinman
Human Development & Family Sciences Lisa Neff
Nutritional Sciences Linda deGraffenreid
Textiles and Apparel Nancy Prideaux
Marine Science No candidate this year
Mathematics Mirela Ciperiani
Physics Gerald Hoffmann
Statistics & Scientific Computation Catherine Stacy


2010 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Astronomy Milos Milosavljevic
School of Biological Sciences Moon Draper
Integrative Biology Claus Wilke
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology Jeffrey Gross
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Vishwanath Iyer
Neurobiology Raymond Chitwood
Chemistry and Biochemistry Dionicio Siegel
Computer Science Michael Scott
Human Ecology Karen Bravo
Marine Science James McClelland
Mathematics Natasa Pavlovic
Physics Greg Sitz


2009 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Astronomy Mary Kay Hemenway
School of Biological Sciences Anita G. Latham
Integrative Biology Johann Hofmann
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology David S. Stein
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Marvin Whiteley
Neurobiology Helmut Koester
Chemistry and Biochemistry Lauren J. Webb
Computer Sciences Lorenzo Alvisi
Human Ecology  (Hum Dev/Family Sci) Timothy J. Loving
Mathematics Lexing Ying
Physics Todd Ditmire


2008 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Astronomy Volker Bromm
School of Biological Sciences Ruth Franks
Integrative Biology Molly Cummings
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology John Wallingford
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Richard Meyer
Neurobiology Alex Huk
Chemistry and Biochemistry Christopher Bielawski
Computer Science Bruce Porter
Human Ecology Henry Ciolina
Human Ecology Eve Nicols
Marine Science G. Christopher Shank
Mathematics Diane Radin
Physics Duane Dicus

2007 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Astronomy Eiichiro Komatsu
School of Biological Sciences Emin Ulug
School of Biological Sciences Beverly Finklea
Integrative Biology Dan Bolnick
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology Enamul Huq
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Jacquelin Dudley
Neurobiology Seema Agarwala
Chemistry and Biochemistry Rick Russell
Computer Science Simon Lam
Human Ecology Theodore Dix
Marine Science No candidates this year
Mathematics Shinko Harper
Physics Josh Klein


2006 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Astronomy John Kormendy
School of Biological Sciences John Abbott
School of Biological Sciences Suzanne Barth
Integrative Biology John Juenger
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology John Sisson
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Scott Stevens
Neurobiology Mendell Rimer
Chemistry and Biochemistry John Stanton
Computer Science Mohamed Gouda
Human Ecology Nancy Hazen-Swann
Marine Science Izhar Khan
Mathematics Gary Hamrick
Physics Willy Fischler


2005 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Department Award Winner
Astronomy Bill Jefferys
School of Biological Sciences David Hall
School of Biological Sciences Dee Silverthorn
Integrative Biology Lauren Meyers
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology Arturo De Lozanne
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Elizabeth Weiss
Neurobiology Nace Golding
Chemistry and Biochemistry Dmitrii Makarov
Chemistry and Biochemistry Svetlana Leytner
Computer Sciences Jayadev Misra
Geological Sciences James Connelly
Human Ecology Michelle Lane
Marine Science Ken Dunton
Mathematics John Durbin
Physics Sonia Paban


2004 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Department Award Winner
Astronomy Frank Bash
School of Biological Sciences Tanya Paull
Integrative Biology Creagh Breuner
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology Terry O’Halloran
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Jon Huibregtse
Neurobiology Bing Zhang
Chemistry and Biochemistry John Tesmer
Computer Sciences Ben Kuipers
Geological Sciences Liang Yang
Human Ecology Bugao Xu
Marine Science Edward Buskey
Mathematics John E. Gilbert
Physics Sasha Kopp


2003 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Department Award Winner
Astronomy Karl Gebhardt
School of Biological Sciences Ruth Buskirk
Integrative Biology Ulrich Mueller
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology David Herrin
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Paul Szaniszlo
Neurobiology John Mihic
Chemistry and Biochemistry Brian Pagenkopf
Chemistry and Biochemistry Cynthia Labrake
Computer Sciences Calvin Lin
Geological Sciences Robert Goldhammer
Human Ecology Chris Jolly
Human Ecology Kay Southworth
Marine Science Scott Nunez
Mathematics Oscar Gonzalez
Physics Gerald Hoffmann


2002 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Department Award Winner
Astronomy Don Winget
School of Biological Sciences Judy Edmiston
Integrative Biology Mark Kirkpatrick
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology Martin Poenie
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Arlen Johnson
Neurobiology Austen Riggs
Chemistry and Biochemistry Mike Krische
Computer Sciences Glenn Downing
Geological Sciences Mark Helper
Human Ecology Ed Anderson
Marine Science Henrietta Edmonds
Mathematics David Saltman
Physics Roger Bengtson


2001 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Department Award Winner
Astronomy Dan Jaffe
Astronomy John Lacey
School of Biological Sciences Paul Gottlieb
Integrative Biology Randal Linder
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology John LaClaire
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Leanne Field
Neurobiology Nigel Atkinson
Chemistry and Biochemistry David Vandenbout
Computer Sciences Doug Burger
Computer Sciences Steve Keckler
Geological Sciences Steven Grand
Human Ecology Ardis Rewerts
Marine Sciences Institute George Ward
Mathematics Lorenzo Sadun
Physics Michael Downer


2000 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Department Award Winner
Astronomy Frank N. Bash
Integrative Biology Norma Fowler
Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology Klaus Kalthoff
Molecular Genetics & Microbiology Clarence Chan
Neurobiology Wesley Thompson
Chemistry and Biochemistry Jonathan Sessler
Computer Sciences Vladimir Lifschitz
Geological Sciences Chris Bell
Human Ecology Eve Nicols
Marine Sciences Institute Ken Dunton
Mathematics Charles Friedman
Physics Richard Hazeltine


1999 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Department Award Winner
Astronomy R. Robert Robbins
Biology Kanagasabapathi Sathasivan (Sata)
Botany Stanley J. Roux
Chemistry and Biochemistry Ruth Shear
Computer Sciences Vicki Almstrum
Geological Sciences Daniel S. Barker
Human Ecology Richard A. Willis
Marine Sciences Institute Lee A. Fuiman
Mathematics James W. Daniel
Physics John Markert
Zoology Eric R. Pianka


1998 CNS Teaching Excellence Awards

Department Award Winner
Astronomy Harriet Dinerstein
Biology Julie Palmer
Botany Guy Thompson
Chemistry and Biochemistry John Stanton
Computer Sciences Gordon Novak
Geological Sciences Leon Long
Human Ecology Catherine Surra
Marine Sciences Institute Ellery Ingall
Mathematics Ted O’Dell
Microbiology Linda Lowen
Physics Tom Griffy
Zoology James Larime