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The Natural Sciences Foundation Advisory Council funds these student-nominated and -selected awards and presents them at the annual Natural Sciences Council Honors Brunch.

  Teaching Advising
1980-81 Melvin E. L. Oakes  
1981-82 Walter K. Long  
1982-83 Jeanne M. Lagowski  
(began giving two awards - one for teaching, one for advising)
1983-84 Alan H. Cowley Simon Bernau
1984-85 Raymond E. Davis Christopher A. Sneden
1985-86 Connie W. Bales Denis A. Kohl
1986-87 Frank N. Bash Leodocia M. Pope
1987-88 Alan Campion Dennis T. Brown
1988-89 Stephen J. McAdam Jean T. Sutherland
1989-90 Maureen M. Grasso James K. Skipper
(hired professional advising staff who became eligible for advising awards)
1990-91 Daniel S. Barker Dan J. Knauft
1991-92 Jonathan L. Sessler Michael W. Raney
1992-93 Brent L. Iverson Richard A. Mattingly
1993-94 J. David Gavenda Charleene A. Dison
1994-95 Eric Anslyn L. Katy Nelson
1995-96 Ruth Buskirk Susan H. Gamel
1996-97 Judith Edmiston (no advising awardee)
1997-98 William T. Guy Debra Gonzalez
1998-99 Ruth Shear Chris Johnson
1999-00 Nan Hampton Diane Larson
2000-01 Kimberly Kline Dan Knauft
2002 Katherine Southworth Melissa Dodson
2003 Jack Gilbert Kathy Goodwin
2004 David Hall John Theofanis
2005 Michael Scott Karen Polacheck
2006 Glenn Downing Dawn Jones-Garcia
2007 Nancy Prideaux Judith Quinney
2008 Katherine Willets Rhonda Hall
2009 James Mauseth Lesley Riley
2010 George Shubeita Jennifer Martinson
2011 John F. Stanton Douglas M. Roberts
2014 Sean Roberts Jaclyn Nguyen