Nomination Policy

The faculty candidate’s home department submits strong candidates for nominations. A faculty member must have a continuing appointment at the University of Texas at Austin in the year subsequent to their selection. The Teaching Awards Committee will select nominees at their discretion for the most competitive award.

Minnie Stevens Piper Professorship

Minnie Stevens Piper Professorship: The Piper Professor Award recognizes professors for outstanding academic, scientific and scholarly achievement and for dedication to the teaching profession.

President's Associates Teaching Excellence Awards

President's Associates Teaching Excellence Awards: This award recognizes excellence in undergraduate education in the core curriculum (including the signature courses). Well-qualified candidates will also have a demonstrated record of engagement with curriculum reform and educational innovation.

Regents' Outstanding Teaching Awards

Regents' Outstanding Teaching Awards: Nominees for these awards must demonstrate their commitment to teaching and sustained capability to deliver excellence to the undergraduate learning experience.

Joe and Bettie Branson Ward Excellence Award

Joe and Bettie Branson Ward Excellence Award (every three years): This award is made every three years (the next award will be given in 2019). It is based on the belief that education involves positive change and is the aggregate of all processes by means of which a person, or groups of people, develop abilities, attitudes and other forms of behavior of positive value to the society in which they participate.

William David Blunk Memorial Professorship

William David Blunk Memorial Professorship: This recognizes a member of the faculty who has demonstrated an outstanding record both in undergraduate teaching and in concern for undergraduates as demonstrated through advising and general guidance given to students. Such concern for students should have occurred within the context of excellent scholarship and high standards of performance.

Dads' Association Centennial Teaching Fellowships

Dads' Association Centennial Teaching Fellowships: Faculty members considered for appointment to these fellowships should hold regular, on-going faculty positions at UT Austin and should be actively engaged in the instruction of freshman undergraduates.

Academy of Distinguished Teachers Award

Academy of Distinguished Teachers Award: The Academy was established to recognize and honor tenured faculty members who have made sustained and significant contributions to education, particularly at the undergraduate level, within the context of their responsibilities as a full-time faculty member.


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