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The UT Child Care Center Faculty Recruitment and Retention Program is administered by the Office of the Provost. This program is designed to help aid in the recruitment or retention of faculty members for whom childcare is a critical issue.

Twelve spaces are reserved by the University for this initiative each fall. Department chairs, through the dean, may submit requests for child care spaces using the Recruitment Application Form, to be submitted to Carmen Shockley, Director of Academic Personel Services. Requests for child care spaces for counteroffers may be made using the Retention Application Form.

All commitments for child care slots must be made no later than May 1 for spaces being requested for the next academic year. These spaces fill up very quickly so once you are aware of a potential need for a candidate/faculty member submit your request immediately to the attention of Corolyn Holub (WCH 3.104, mail code G2500) for dean’s approval.

Questions or concerns: Contact Corolyn Holub