Gender Equity

The Gender Equity Plan refers to other efforts in the college to improve the conditions and climate for women faculty and students, and highlights some of the college's gender equity priorities, including:

Merit Raises – The college has developed written guidelines for merit raises. Recommended merit raises will be reviewed by the dean's office.

Hiring and Evaluation – The college is committed to hiring of faculty that significantly diversify our faculty demographics.

Family Friendly Policies – The university's family friendly policies will be easily available online to all faculty. The default assumption is that these requests will be granted upon documentation of need.

Mentoring – Effective mentoring is critical to the professional development of our faculty. We encourage each department or section to make sure that all junior faculty receive mentoring appropriate to their needs.

Transparency – The college's Gender Equity Plan, Merit Raise Policy and the University Family Friendly policies will be posted on our Web site.

Questions or concerns: Contact Associate Dean Shelley Payne