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Live Deep Sky Tour
Wednesday, July 07, 2021, 10:00pm

Join the Department of Astronomy for live views of several targets from the dark skies at McDonald Observatory, starting at 10pm Central time, when they explore a few favorites of the summer sky, as well as a few unusual and less commonly observed targets. Your host Stephen Hummel will show you views from a camera attached to a research-grade 16" telescope at the Frank N. Bash Visitors Center.


The targets, weather permitting, will be:

  1. NGC 4565, or the "Needle Galaxy"
  2. PGC 54559, or "Hoag's Object"
  3. Messier 13, or the "Great Hercules Cluster"
  4. NGC 6765, a planetary nebula in Lyra
  5. M17, or the "Swan Nebula"
  6. NGC 6559, a star-forming region in Sagittarius

Moderators in the live chat will be taking questions, and the host will take more at the end.

Can’t make the live stream? This event will be recorded and remain on the McDonald Observatory channel.

Hope for clear skies!