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Lorenzo-Blanco, Elma

Elma I Lorenzo-blanco

Assistant Professor
Department of Human Development and Family Sciences

I am accepting graduate students for 2019.

Phone: 512-471-0973

Office Location
SEA 2.322C

Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712



Ph.D., Clinical Psychology & Women's Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2013).

APA Pre-doctorol Clinical Internship, University of Michigan Internship Consortium, Ann Arbor (2012-2013).

M.S., Clinical Psychology & Women's Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (2009).

B.A., Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles (2005).

Research Interests

Lorenzo-Blanco’s research investigates how issues related to culture, ethnicity, gender, family, and media come together to influence the health and well-being of Latina/o youth and families in the U.S. and Latin American countries. Her research is interdisciplinarly in nature and falls within four interrelated research areas: 1) socio-cultural experiences, mental health, and health risk behaviors among Latina/o adolescents and adults 2) gender variation in socio-cultural experiences, mental health, and health risk behaviors among Latina/o adolescents and adults, 3) socio-cultural experiences of Latina/o parents, family processes, adolescent mental health and health risk behaviors, and 4) Latina/o mental health service access and help-seeking. One of Lorenzo-Blanco's longterm goals is to translate her research into social-justice oriented preventive interventions. She is particularly interested in working with community stakeholders to develop culturally-senstive and developmentally-appropriate preventive interventions for Latina/o youth and families.

Current Grant Funding

Title: Remote Acculturation, Media Exposure, and Cigarette Smoking among Youth in Mexico. Funding Agency: National Institue of Health/Fogarty International Center (Research Supplement to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research (08/2015-07/2018). Role: Recipient

Prior Grant Funding

Title: Latino/a Substance Use and Mental Health in South Carolina: An Assessment of Needs, Existing Resources, and Current Challenges. Funding Agency: State of South Carolina Department of Mental Health Ensor Funds (09/14 - 12/16). Role: Principal Investigator.

Title: Mixed Methods Study of Cigarette Use and Depression among Latino/a Men and Women. Funding Agency: UMSARC/NIDA Interdisciplinary Research Training Pre-doctoral Fellowship (09/09 - 08/11). Role: Training Fellow.

Title: Latino/a Acculturation, Smoking and Depression: Towards the Development of Integrative Socio-Cultural Models. Funding Agency: Center for the Education of Women, University of Michigan (09/10 - 08/11). Role: Principal Investigator. 

Selected Publications

Lorenzo-Blanco, E. I., Meca, A., Piña-Watson, B, Zamboanga, B., Szapocznik, J., Cano, M.A., Cordova, D., Unger, J.B., Romero, A., Des Rosiers, S.E., Soto, D.W., Villamar, J.A., Pattarroyo, M., Lizzi, K.M., & Schwartz, S. J. (forthcoming). Family functioning trajectories among Latino families: Links with cultural stress, emotional well-being, and behavioral health (Child Development).

Lorenzo-Blanco, E.I., Abad-Vivero, E., Barrientos-Gutierrez, I., Arillo-Santillán, E., *Pérez Hérnandez, R., Unger, J.B., & Thrasher, J.F. (forthcoming). Movie language orientation, gender, movie smoking exposure, and smoking susceptibility among youth in Mexico (Nicotine and Tobacco Research). 

Lorenzo-Blanco, E. I., Meca, A., Unger, J.B., Romero, A., Szapocznik, J., Piña-Watson, B.M., Cano, M.A., Zamboanga, B., Baezconde-Garbanati, L., Des Rosiers, S.E., Soto, D.W., Villamar, J.A., Lizzi, K.M., Pattarroyo, M. & Schwartz, S. J. (2016). Longitudinal effects of Latino parent cultural stress, depressive symptoms, and family functioning on youth emotional well-being and health risk behaviors. Family Process.

Lorenzo-Blanco, E. I., Schwartz, S.J., Unger, J.B., Zamboanga, B., Des Rosiers, S.E., Villamar, J., Soto, D., Patarroyo, M., & Baezconde-Garbanati, L. (2016). Alcohol use among recent immigrant Latino/a youth: Acculturation, gender, and the Theory of Reasoned Action. Ethnicity and Health, 21, 609-27

Lorenzo-Blanco, E. I. & Cortina, L. M. (2012). Latino/a depression and smoking: An analysis through the lenses of culture, gender, and ethnicity. American Journal of Community Psychology, 51, 332-346.

Lorenzo-Blanco, E.I., Bares, C., & Delva, J. (2012). Correlates of Chilean adolescents’ negative attitudes towards cigarettes: The role of gender, peer, parental, and environmental influences. Nicotine and Tobacco Research. 14, 142-152.

**Lorenzo-Blanco, E. I., Unger, J.B., Ritt-Olson, A., Soto, D., & Baezconde-Garbanati, L. (2011).  Acculturation, gender, depression, and cigarette smoking among U.S. Hispanic youth: The  mediating role of perceived discrimination. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 30, 1519-1533.  **Article received 2011 Oliva Espin & AWP Award for Research on Gender and Immigration. 






2016-2017    National Research Mentoring Network STAR Fellow.

2016-2018   Interdisciplinary Research Training Institute on Hispanic Drug Abuse Fellow.

2012            Sweetland Center Dissertation Writing Institute Summer Fellowship.

2011            Oliva Espin Award on Social Justice Concerns in Feminist Psychology.

2010            Margaret Dow Towsley Scholar.