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Abraham, Lawrence

Lawrence D Abraham

Professor, Professor Emeritus
Kinesiology and Health Education


Postal Address
Kinesiology & Health Education
Austin, TX 78712

Dr. Lawrence D. Abraham is a Professor in Kinesiology and Health Education. He is the Associate Dean in the School of Undergraduate Studies and also serves as co-Director of the UTeach Natural Sciences program for secondary certification in science and math education. He is a member of the Graduate Studies Committees in Kinesiology (Exercise Science), Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, and STEM Education.  His research interests include motor skill performance and learning, human motor coordination, rehabilitation following brain injury, and innovative uses of instructional technology. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in motor learning, neuromotor control, and biomechanics.

The Motor Coordination Lab is designed to study neurophysiological and biomechanical factors in the control and coordination of human motor skill performance. The laboratory is equipped with a variety of computer data collection and analysis systems for assessing dynamic aspects of neuromuscular function. Kinematic, dynamic, and electromyographical data are routinely assessed. Recent research projects have focused on relationships between neurophysiological and mechanical factors in performing fine motor skills, including effects of practice, aging, and neurological dysfunction from disease or injury. Current efforts involve examining neural activity patterns related to finger force and motion production and the effects of concussion or other mild traumatic brain injury. The lab includes space for data collection, data analysis, and equipment repair and fabrication.  We are also collaborating with faculty members in psychology (David Schnyer) and engineering (James Sulzer) as well as area clinicians involved in neurology and rehabilitation.

Current Research Projects




Representative Publications

  • Teyhen, D.S., Flynn, T.W., Bovik, A.C., & Abraham, L.D.  A new technique for digital fluoroscopic video assessment of sagittal plane lumbar spine motion.  Spine, 2005, 30, E406-E413.
  • Annaswamy, T., Mallempati, S., Allison, S.C. & Abraham, L. Measurement of plantarflexor spasticity in Traumatic Brain Injury: Correlational study of resistance torque compared with the Modified Ashworth Scale.  American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2007, 86, 404-11.
  • Teyhen, D.S., Flynn, T.W., Childs, J.D., Kuklo, T.R., Rosner, M.K., Polly, D.W. & Abraham, L.D.  Fluoroscopic video to identify aberrant lumbar motion.  Spine, 2007, 32(7): E220-229.
  • Decker, M. J., Griffin, L., Brandt, L., and Abraham, L. Effects of stimulation pattern on FES-cycling performance and mechanomyographic responses in persons with paralysis from spinal cord injury. Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, 2010, 20(6):1163-69.
  • Herring, T., Eakin, T., Abraham, L., and Spirduso, W.  Maximum voluntary isometric contraction and force-matching from the fourth to the eighth decades of life.  International Journal of Rehabilitation Research, 2014.