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Gonzalez, Maria

Maria D Gonzalez Aranda

Student Associate, Student Publications Staff
College of Natural Sciences, Texas Student Media

Strengths: Responsibility, Input, Achiever, Discipline, Learner

Office Location
PAI 5.03


What is your major? Corporate Communication

What profession are you pursuing? After graduation, my goals is to join multinational company and apply communication as a tool for empowerment and social change. I aspire to rectify the imbalances between those who speak and those who do not have a voice, ensuring the corporate environment of communication is a compassionate and inclusive one.

What are your hobbies? Hobbies include reading, writing, playing the piano, singing, and going to the movies.

What is something people don’t know about you? I have 2 pets back home in Tampico, Mexico. A dog called Mateo and a chicken called Fernanda. Both of them are six years old, they grew together and they are best friends. I love to spend time with them and watch them bond.

What did you want to be when you grow up? A writer.