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Lawler, Jill

Jill C Lawler


Phone: 512-471-7219

Office Location
GEA 37

Postal Address
200 W 24TH ST
AUSTIN, TX 78712

I am a School of Human Ecology graduate and completed the Coordinated Program in Dietetics in 2011.  I realized I wanted to support college students in some way as a result of my volunteer and work experiences on campus while in school,  particularly with the Nutrition Peer Education Program within the Health Promotion Resource Center (UHS).  I thought academic advising might be a good fit and spent the past few years at the Department of Economics Undergraduate Advising Center.  

In November 2014, I was excited for the opportunity to come back to the School of Human Ecology as member of the academic advising team!   Although I do not work as a Registered Dietitian, I definitely love talking with people about all things food-related.  I am particularly passionate about developing a positive and healthy approach to food in a culture where we are often influenced to have a difficult relationship with our bodies and food.