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Lili Qiu

Department of Computer Science

Operating systems, Distributed systems, and Networking Security


Phone: 512-232-7890

Office Location
GDC 6.806

Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712

Research Interests 

Qiu's research interests include wireless network management, content distribution, network measurement, and networking applications.

I am currently an Associate Professor in Computer Science Department at University of Texas at Austin. I am also a member of the Wireless Networking and communications Group. My research interests are in Internet and wireless networking. I graduated with a Ph.D. from Computer Science department at Cornell University in 2001. I spent 2001 - 2004 as a researcher at Microsoft Research. I joined UT Austin in January 2005. My current research focuses on wireless network management and content distribution in mobile networks. I got NSF CAREER award in 2006. I have also worked on network measurement and tomography, overlay routing/multihoming, Web performance and content/event distribution, TCP, active queue management, and congestion control, Packet classification and security, and IP telephony.

Selected Publications 
Tianji Li, Mi Kyung Han, Apurv Bhartia, Lili Qiu, Eric Rozner, Yin Zhang, and Brad Zarikoff. CRMA: Collision-Resistant Multiple Access. In Proc. of ACM MobiCom, Las Vegas, NV, Sept. 2011.

Apurv Bhartia, Yi-Chao Chen, Swati Rallapalli, and Lili Qiu. Harnessing Frequency Diversity in Wi-Fi Networks. In Proc. of ACM MobiCom, Las Vegas, NV, Sept. 2011.

Swati Rallapalli, Lili Qiu, Yin Zhang, Yi-Chao Chen. Exploiting Temporal Stability and Low-Rank Structure for Localization in Mobile Networks. In Proc. of ACM MobiCom, Chicago, Illinois, USA, September 2010.

Yi Li, Lili Qiu, Yin Zhang, Ratul Mahajan, and Eric Rozner. Predictable Performance Optimization for Wireless Networks. In Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM, Seattle, WA, USA, August 2008.

Lili Qiu, Yin Zhang, Feng Wang, Mi Kyung Han, Ratul Mahajan. A General Model of Wireless Interference. Proc. of ACM MobiCom, September 2007.

Kamal Jain, Jitendra Padhye, Venkata N. Padmanabhan, and Lili Qiu. Impact of Interference on Multi-hop Wireless Network Performance. In Proc. of ACM MOBICOM, San Diego, CA, September 2003.

Lili Qiu, Yang Richard Yang, Yin Zhang, and Scott Shenker. On Selfish Routing in Internet-Like Environments. In Proc. of ACM SIGCOMM, August 2003.

Atul Adya, Victor Bahl, and Lili Qiu. Characterizing Web Workload for Mobile Clients. Invited book chapter in Content Networking in the Mobile Internet, John Wiley & Sons. August 2004.

  • NSF Career, 2006
  • Senior IEEE member, 2007