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Torii, Keiko

Keiko Torii

Molecular Biosciences, College of Natural Sciences

Johnson & Johnson Centennial Chair in Plant Cell Biology

Shaping Patterns in Plant Development


Office Location
NMS 5.104A

Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712



We study how positional cues govern tissue patterning and organ shape, and how lineage-specific stem cells are initiated, maintained or terminally differentiate during plant development. To address such fundamental questions in developmental biology, we use patterning and differentiation of stomata as a model. Stomata are small valves serving as an interface between plants and atmosphere, and their presence is essential for plant survival and our global environment. We revealed that intricate cell-cell communications mediated by small chemical signals influence the pattern of stem cell divisions and fate specification. We aim to elucidate how functional tissue patterns are generated using cross-disciplinary approaches. Torii lab will be relocating from the University of Washington, Seattle, in Autumn 2019.

(Selected publications)

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Han, S.K., Qi, X., K. Sugihara, Endo, T.A., Dang, J.H., Miura, T., Miller, K.A., Kim, E., and *Torii, K.U. (2018) Direct orchestration of cell-state switch and the single symmetric division to create stomata. Developmental Cell 45: 303-315

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