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Abagiu, Vivian
Vivian Abagiu
Digital Content Producer

Acosta, Maria
Maria E Acosta
Senior Financial Analyst

Adkins, Janna
Janna R Adkins

Assistant Academic Advisor
Airhart, Marc
Marc G Airhart
Communications Coordinator

Al-Mashouq, Shawna
Shawna L Al-Mashouq
Senior Program Coordinator, Division of Public Health

Alexander, Jyesha
Jyesha D Alexander
Administrative Associate

Eric V Anslyn

Dean Appling
Associate Dean, Professor

Regulation And Organization Of Metabolic Pathways
Arasappan, Dhivya
Dhivya Arasappan
Research Scientist, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dhivya joined the GSAF team in 2008 and primarily deals with analysis of Next-gen sequencing data.
Bagchi, Dia
Dia N Bagchi
Clinical Assistant Professor

Bankhead, Brandi
Brandi J Bankhead
Accountant I - Office of Business Affairs

Jeffrey E Barrick
Assistant Professor

Microbial experimental evolution and synthetic biology
Bartsch, Kathy
Kathy R Bartsch
Assistant To the Dean

Beckham, Josh
Josh T Beckham
Clinical Assistant Professor, Adjunct/Clinical Affiliate

Benson, Dwaine
Dwaine A Benson
Project Specialist

Benson, Lauren
Lauren Benson
Human Resource Coordinator

Biehle, Olivia
Olivia M Biehle
Associate Academic Advisor, Center for First-Year Advising

Bijani, Alykhan
Alykhan H Bijani

Learner, Individualization, Input, Relator, Responsibility
Black, Molly
Molly Black
Senior Software Developer/Analyst

Blanchard, Kali
Kali Blanchard
Senior Development Associate

Blazevich, Laine
Laine Blazevich
Career Coach

Strengths: Maximizer, Adaptability, Harmony, Relator, Communication
Booth, Morgan
Morgan N Booth
Senior Academic Advisor, Computer Science Advising Center

Bost, Fredrick
Dan Bost
Director of Strategic Research Initiatives

Bourgeois, Jason
Jason R Bourgeois
Lecturer, Associate Academic Advisor

Jason provides student-centered advising to first and second-year students in the TIP Scholars program.
Brookins, Jennifer J.
Jennifer J Brookins
Senior Academic Advisor

Biology Advising Center
Brown, Susan
Susan M Brown
Academic Advising Coordinator

Karen S Browning

Mechanism And Regulation Of Eukaryotic Protein Synthesis. My research focuses on the initiation of protein synthesis in higher plants.
Burghart, Scott
Scott E Burghart
Director for Graduate and Postdoctoral Education

Research experience in deep-sea biology, polar systems, and the relationship between water management and estuarine health.
Burton, Cassandra
Cassandra Burton
Associate Academic Advisor

Cassie provides student-centered advising to first and second-year students in the TIP Scholars program.
campbell, cierra
Cierra R Campbell Bridges
ULN Year 1 Coordinator

Campbell, Ian
Ian T Campbell
Help Desk Representative

Campitelli, Brandon
Brandon Campitelli
STEM Instruction Consultant, Clinical Assistant Professor

Caverly, Michael
Michael Caverly
Senior Academic Advisor

Cervantes, Enrique
Enrique Cervantes
Desktop Support Specialist

Cervantes, Victoria
Victoria E Cervantes
Senior Administrative Associate

Chacon, Adrianne
Adrianne Y Chacon-Posey
CNS Honors Center Scholarship Coordinator

Adrianne manages scholarships for current and future CNS undergraduates, provides support for national awards and tracks student excellence.
Chancellor, Brooke
Brooke Chancellor
Senior Financial Analyst

Choy, Grace
Grace Choy
Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate III

Chy, Anneke
Anneke Chy
Program Manager, Lecturer

Gregory B Clark
Distinguished Senior Lecturer, research scientist

Connelly, Chris
Christopher S Connelly
Senior Academic Advisor

Covert, Arthur
Crabtree, Brandon
Brandon M Crabtree
Administrative Associate

Cunningham IV, Walter B.
Walter B Cunningham
Facilities Maintenance Manager

Curtis, Brittany
Brittany Curtis
Project Specialist, Employee of Contractor of Club Core

Mark Daniels
Clinical Professor

Davidson, Matthew
Matthew Davidson
Senior Desktop Support Specialist

CNS Mac Administrator
Davis, Gail
Gail L Davis
Senior Administrative Associate

Arturo De Lozanne
Associate Professor

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