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External reviews in the College of Natural Sciences are comprehensive.  They include a review of the department as well as its affiliated graduate programs and ORUs.  Planning for the external review is a collaborative process between the department chair and the Dean's office.  We typically begin planning approximately 12 months in advance of the review.  


Required Components


  •  Assist the dean in generating names of potential reviewers
  •  Strive for diversity, e.g. public and private institutions


3.  meeting Schedule

  •  Assist the dean in finalizing the meeting schedule (sample)
  •  Prepare participant details (sample

4.  Self-study

  •  Prepare and proof your self-study 
  •  Sample introduction (available upon request)
  •  Sample undergraduate education section  (available upon request)
  •  Sample executive summary of graduate program (available upon request)
  •  Sample 18 Characteristics of Graduate Program (sample)
  •  Faculty Biographical Sketch Template (template)
  •  Definition of terms used in graduate program section 

5.  Post-Review REsponse

  • Prepare the graduate program response to the external review (sample template)
  • Prepare the departmental response to the review (sample template)
  • Meet with the dean to discuss the final institutional response.