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Aligning College Resources with Strategic Goals

The College Budget Council (CBC) was created to increase the level of collaborative decision-making in how College resources are strategically deployed to help meet and enhance the goals of our departments and our Dean’s office operations. Each department chair (along with four major units within the Dean’s office) has been invited to present to the CBC. The dean welcomes long-term planning as part of this process.



• 45-minute presentation period for each department/unit
• Chair’s 15-minute power-point, high-level summary of goals and funding strategies.
• Remaining 30 minutes will be used for discussion or question of the Chair.


Funding Outcomes

Any reallocation of existing funds, or commitment of new funds, will be determined by the dean with the advisement of the CBC. These budget changes will then be reflected in the mid-March budget cycle for the next academic year.


Budget Council Members (2017-18)

CNS Dean; Bill Press, Computer Science and Integrative Biology; Uri Treisman, Mathematics; Allan MacDonald, Physics; Adron Harris, Neuroscience; Dan Knopf, Associate Dean for Graduate Education; Dean Appling, Associate Dean for Research and Facilities; David Vandenbout, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education; Shelley Payne, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs; Natasa Pavlovic, Associate Dean Designate for Faculty Affairs; Ricardo Medina, Assistant Dean for Business Affairs; Melissa Taylor, Assistant Dean for Strategic Planning


College Budget Council