The Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Facilities functions as the clearinghouse for all matters relating to research activities and facilities projects in the college.  Dean Appling and his group oversee and approve all college related renovations and building projects, which encompass faculty recruitment space needs, teaching and research labs, and shared facilities. On the research side, the office provides grant proposal development support to faculty college-wide. We work with teams of faculty to identify and develop multi-investigator center grant and institutional training grant proposals. We also offer one-on-one consultations for individual investigator grant proposals. This office also coordinates the nomination process for limited submission research awards throughout the year.

*CNS Indirect Cost Policy

The College of Natural Sciences receives from the University 25% of all indirect costs (IDC) generated from the research grants that were awarded to CNS PIs in the previous calendar year. Each September, the college returns a portion of its share back to the departments, centers, and ORUs that generated the IDC.

Indirect costs are used to offset overhead expenses associated with the sponsored research conducted in academic departments and University Research Units. The following are examples of valid uses of IDC.

  • Matching funds commitments made to sponsors in proposals
  • Laboratory renovations (e.g. modifications needed for new instruments)
  • Support for common or shared administrative structures
  • Support of broad-use core facilities
  • Seed money for new research projects
  • Other appropriate items related to the administration of research

Please note: CNS policy does not allow indirect costs to be returned to individual PIs or faculty for their own use.

 Research & Facilities Staff


Dean Appling
Associate Dean, Professor

Regulation And Organization Of Metabolic Pathways
Bost, Fredrick
Dan Bost
Director of Strategic Research Initiatives

Curtis, Brittany
Brittany Curtis
Project Specialist, Employee of Contractor of Club Core

Harasimowitz, Ann
Ann Harasimowitz
Director III for Facilities and Safety

Hawkins, Anise
Anise R Hawkins
Research Program Coordinator

Henry, Lakesha
Lakesha S Henry
Grants and Contracts Specialist

Kohler, Ed
Edward C Kohler
Project Specialist

Nevins, Jordon
Jordon C Nevins
Project Assistant

Seegers, Lara
Lara G Seegers
MEP Systems Engineer

Smitherman, James
James D Smitherman III
Project Specialist

Yujuico, Elena
Maria Elena F Yujuico
Senior Administrative Associate