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Human Resource Services has comprehensive information regarding policies for student employment on their website. 

The Graduate School website has comprehensive policy information for employing graduate students.

HRMS training for managing student positions is available on the Office of Accounting website.

Best Practices for student assignments


HRMS Document Remarks for Student Assignments (on pooled positions, remarks can go in the Notes if preferred)

  •  Verify that you have audited the student's enrollment for the semester in which they are being assigned and that they meet enrollment qualifications for the position.
    • Example: Enrollment for spring semester verified.
  • Verify that any concurrent assignments for the student are within the limits for the title and their classification.
    • Example: Concurrent assignments for [EID] do not exceed limits
  • Address any background check (BCA) or I-9 warnings that appear on the assignment.
    • Example: Background check authorized by student on MM/DD/YY
    • Example: I-9 processed on MM/DD/YY

Pooled positions

Student positions can be pooled or non-pooled in HRMS. Pooling of assignments on a single position is recommended ONLY if all students in the pool are being paid on the same account.

To modify the assignment for a single incumbent who is already assigned to a pool, follow these steps:

  • Find the Position ID by searching in HRMS for the student's name or EID.
  • Click the Position ID link.
  • On the Position Details page next to Incumbent, click Pooled.
  • In the list of Incumbents, click the EID of the incumbent you wish to modify.
  • Click Modify. Select All-in-one.
  • Modify the assignment as desired. Save.
  • Document Remarks should state the reason for the modification.
  • Save and Verify. Approve the document forward.

Managing Student Employees

Many students have limited work history, or university student employment might be their first job. Supervisors should establish clear expectations within the first week of employment, so the student will know what projects are assigned, and how to communicate with the supervisor. Human Resources Services offers the Managing Student Employees PowerPoint as resource for supervisors.