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All personnel actions concerning compensation changes for Administrative and Professional (A&P) and Classified staff within the college must receive approval via department and College channels prior to processing in the system. CNS has worked with UT Human Resources to establish a process for coordination between the department, Dean's Office, central HR, and the Provost Office when applicable.

September 1 and March 1 will generally be the effective dates for reclassification, equity, and permanent additional duties increases, with variable deadlines for each cycle. Departments should plan personnel and funding actions according to these dates. Temporary additional duties and counter offers are handled case-by-case.


To initiate the following personnel actions and obtain prior approval for processing, use the Salary Increase Request Form. CNS HR staff will coordinate with the department, Dean, and other central business areas as needed. Once all signature approvals have been obtained on the Salary Increase Request Form, the personnel action can be processed in Workday.