Acronyms Guide

[APS] Authorization for ProfessionalServices [RTA] Request for Travel Authorization
[AIS] Authorization for Individual Services [VC1] Deposit Request
[CDA] Communication Device Allowance [VP1] Purchase Order Payment Voucher
[HBP] Handbook of Business Procedures [VP2] Service/Invoice Payment Voucher
[GGV] Vendor ID Request Document [VP5] Travel Reimbursement Voucher
[IDT] Interdepartmental Transfer [VP7] Procard Payment Voucher
[OA] Office of Accounting [VPE] Entertainment Payment Voucher     
[OOEF] Official Occasions and Entertainment Expenses [VT5] IDT Original Charges
[PIF] Payee Information Form [VT6] IDT Correction of Charges

Document Approval

  • Documents that route to NS FINSUPP desk will occur when:
    • Using Dean’s Office account
    • And/or traveler is a direct report to the Dean
    • And/or traveler is a Dean’s office employee
    • And/or traveler has an appointment or is paid in HRMS from a Dean’s office account
    • And/or required by UT Policy