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Some foreign destinations are considered restricted regions and travel must be approved by the International Oversight Committee.

The Travel Policy to Restricted Regions applies to:

  • UT-Austin graduate and undergraduate students, traveling internationally as individuals or in groups, with or without University funding, for any UT-sponsored, UT-administered, or UT-related activity or program. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • official study abroad programs
    • recognized student organization trips abroad
    • conducting research
    • internships
    • field studies
    • service learning
    • conferences
    • volunteer, experiential, or work programs sponsored, endorsed, promoted, or administered by the University
  • UT-organized events and programs, with or without University funding (including, but not limited to, study abroad programs, recognized organization trips abroad, conferences and seminars, and class field trips, regardless of UT student, faculty, or staff participation).
  • UT-Austin faculty and staff traveling internationally with or without University funding to conduct University business within one's capacity as a faculty or staff member, such as participation in research, conferences or teaching endeavors.

Note: This does not include personal/vacation travel that is unaffiliated with UT-Austin.

For information on this policy and its procedures, go to the International Office’s UT Travel Policy to Restricted Regions.

Foreign Travel Using State Accounts

  • Section 2.02(B) of the State of Texas Travel Allowance Guide states that a state agency may pay or reimburse a state employee for travel expenses incurred while traveling to or from, or staying at a duty point in a foreign country only if the agency's chief administrator, or someone designated by the chief administrator, provides prior written approval. This approval is not required for Canada, Mexico, or U.S. possessions because they are considered out-of-state travel, not foreign.
  • At UT Austin, foreign travel using a state-funded account requires prior approval from the Dean/Vice President either in writing or, alternatively, electronically via the document routing of the Request for Travel Authorization (*DEFINE VE5/VE6). Prior approval cannot be delegated further by the Dean/VP.
  • Travel documents for foreign travel on state accounts must be imaged for long-term storage. The creator of the electronic travel document will send the document voucher transmittal form, along with the written prior approval, to the Office of Accounting — Imaging and Documentation Services. If the Dean or Vice President approves the document electronically, the routing showing the Dean/VP logon approval will be sent with the voucher transmittal form as the approval document instead of the written document.

                                                                                                                                         Last Updated: 11 April 2017