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There are a myriad of FAQs around the University and we wanted to provide some CNS-specific answers.


Information helpful for undergraduates and for graduate students can be found on this page.


Questions about this page or have other ideas you think we should add?  Send them to Dr. Vanden Bout (cns-studentdean@austin.utexas.edu).


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Connect to...peers, mentors, staff, faculty, resources! On a large campus like ours, it's important to find and develop your sense of community. Your community will look unique to your experience here at UT, and we're here to help you identify and thrive within your UT community. 

CNS Cornerstones Small Learning Communities give all first-year students a supportive small group of peers, as well as mentors and advisors—right from the start of the college experience. Every incoming first-year student will be a part of one of the following communities: FIGTIPCS PODSCNS HONORSWINSBSP

CNS Distinctions

CNS students can be nominated (or can self nominate) to be awarded one of the following Distinctions at graduation. The nomination form linked below asks for a very brief (a paragraph is plenty!) description of the student's accomplishments and impact, it also offers the option to upload a letter of recommendation in lieu of filling in the text boxes. 

Each area asks the same three questions:

  • How has the student exhibited excellence in that area?
  • What was the impact of the student's efforts?
  • Has the student shown strength of character, courage to overcome obsticles, or demonstrated growth and development?

We highly recommend composing your answers in a Word document then copying and pasting them into the nomination form.

While only graduating seniors can win distinctions, please nominate a deserving student at any point in their undergraduate career; the College will hold on to their nomination until their graduating year and evaluate it then.

Selections will be made by a commitee comprised of faculty and staff who are leaders in these particular areas.  Honorees will be notified by mid-March.

Please note: this is a separate award from Dean's Honored Graduates (DHG), and students can earn both awards.  The DHG nomination process will open in early March.

If you have any questions about the distinctions, please contact Becky Kester (kester@austin.utexas.edu).




Nominations are Now closed

If you have questions please contact Becky Kester (kester@austin.utexas.edu).



CNS is committed to challenging and supporting our students both in the classroom and through opportunities such as national scholarships and experiential learning. 

The Second Year Excellence Award aims to identify the rising stars of CNS during their second year and provide avenues intended for select students, during their undergraduate career and after.

When and where will the awardees be recognized? 

Tuesday, March 3rd in the WCP (formerlly SAC) Ballroom, 4:00-5:30PM 

What to Expect

There will be brief remarks from college leadership followed by an opportunity for awardees to mingle with staff and faculty and visit a variety of booths with information about experience and leadership opportunities within the college. A booth map will be posted here as the event approaches! 

This isn't a traditional awards ceremony in that there won't be a presentation of the awards or calling of names.  The focus of the event is to connect stellar students to opportunities beyond the classroom.

Can Parents Come?

While we love having parents, this isn't your typical awards ceremony like Honors Day or a scholarship banquet; there won't be any individual recognition so no parents have come in the past. 

How Do I Display My Award?

After the event you'll receive a couple e-mails: one from Dean Vanden Bout with next steps and additional information, and the second from badgr.com with your digital award which you can display on your LinkedIn profile or other social media.  There's also a way to print a certificate if you'd like.

What should I wear to the event?

There's no need to get dressed up for the event - you won't be interviewing or anything so please come dressed however you feel most comfortable.