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IV. Anchoring our education and research efforts to the public we serve 

Because we have a role in creating a more vibrant Texas and beyond, we aim to deepen our relationships with the public and engage our dynamic and diverse community with the science and mathematics that we do.

The College will promote this through:

  • engaging meaningfully with the public to inspire interest in science and broaden literacy around scientific topics
  • promoting inclusive and welcoming environments for all, with concrete strategies for action and communications initiatives
  • assessing and highlighting existing STEM outreach efforts in the college and across UT, while working toward coordinating, partnering and growing these efforts strategically to extend access to them and participation
  • crafting development strategies tied to the overall strategic framework in ways that benefit the college community, Texas and all whom we serve




III. Breaking boundaries with our research

As we engage in the work to transform health care and meet emerging research challenges of the 21st Century, we aim for our scientists and mathematicians to develop new lasting collaborations that cross traditional disciplinary lines and to recruit and support top graduate students across our disciplines.

The College will promote this through:

  • careful attention to needs in core facilities and information technology
  • thematic research neighborhoods, where faculty are collocated according to profound, long-term research challenges
  • continual partnership with the Dell Medical School on many fronts, from hiring to researcher forums
  • investments in early-phase research and strategic initiatives, including in partnerships with other colleges and the Office of the Vice President for Research, and via matching funds
  • increasing support for excellent doctoral and postdoctoral researchers through philanthropic and strategic investments and new efforts in recruiting
  • offering events that bring researchers together for cross-cutting conversations, shared learning, and relationship-building


II. Equipping our students for lifelong success and fulfillment

As we work to unlock potential in our students, we aim for students in our majors and beyond to receive mathematical and science education of the highest caliber to help them be innovators; to transform the way they work, think, and lead; and to gain a lasting appreciation for the role of science, mathematics, and reason throughout their lives.

The College will promote this through:

  • consistent, high-quality instruction in our classrooms, supported in part by faculty professional development through TIDES
  • exploring opportunities to lead in preparing students for a data-rich world and the quantum revolution
  • advancing and supporting CNS professors of instruction
  • focusing on expanding support for excellent graduate students
  • fostering healthy learning environments that support students’ mental wellbeing
  • innovative and effective educational programs and offerings, like:
    • the new Inventors Program, a close cousin to the Freshman Research Initiative;
    • summer experiential learning opportunities, offered to more students who can benefit from them;
    • Option III master’s programs in nutritional sciences and computer science
    • active classrooms and other environmental opportunities to engage students deeply


I.  Advancing discovery through our human capital

As we work to recruit and retain leaders in our fields, we aim for our scientists, mathematicians and computing faculty to thrive and continually develop, alongside staff, so that the college can fulfill its mission.

The College will promote this through:

  • a focus on recognizing and celebrating accomplishments by our faculty and staff
  • introducing faculty professional development at early- and mid-career stages
  • leading new initiatives that advance support and training for staff
  • strategically hiring to position our faculty and community for success