Business Services performs a wide variety of administrative functions for the College of Natural Sciences.

The main responsibilities include:

  • Budget preparation and monitoring
  • Financial document processing
  • Human Resources administration
  • Providing financial and appointment information
  • Monitoring compliance with UT and College administrative procedures
  • Facilitating UT and College administrative procedures
  • Review of contracts and other documents for Dean's signature

Business Services Staff

Acosta, Maria
Maria E Acosta
Senior Financial Analyst

Bankhead, Brandi
Brandi J Bankhead
Accountant I - Office of Business Affairs

Benson, Lauren
Lauren Benson
Human Resource Coordinator

Davis, Gail
Gail L Davis
Senior Administrative Associate

Fallon, Linda
Linda E Fallon
Accountant II

Flores, Aurora
Aurora Flores
Administrative Manager

Kim, Hanna
Hanna Kim
Human Resources Manager

Medina, Ricardo
Ricardo Medina
Assistant Dean for Business Services

Mena, Adam
Adam Mena
Senior Financial Analyst

Parr, Erin
Erin R Parr
Senior Human Resource Coordinator

Romano, Patty T
Patty T Romano
Assistant Director for Human Resources

Urquidez, Amanda
Amanda Y Urquidez
Assistant Director for Business Services

Yang,Patty P.
Patty P Yang
Business Analyst