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Business Services performs a wide variety of administrative functions for the College of Natural Sciences.

The main responsibilities include:

  • Budget preparation and monitoring
  • Financial document processing
  • Human Resources administration
  • Providing financial and appointment information
  • Monitoring compliance with UT and College administrative procedures
  • Facilitating UT and College administrative procedures
  • Review of contracts and other documents for Dean's signature

Business Services Staff

Chancellor, Brooke
Brooke Chancellor
Senior Financial Analyst
WCH 3.112
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Flores, Aurora
Aurora Flores
Administrative Manager
WCH 2.204
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Kelly, Heather
Heather Kelly
Senior Human Resources Coordinator
WCH 3.116
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Medina, Ricardo
Ricardo Medina
Assistant Dean for Business Services
WCH 3.114
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Mena, Adam
Adam Mena
Financial Officer
WCH 3.120
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Parr, Erin
Erin R Parr
Senior Human Resources Coordinator
WCH 3.115
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Romano, Patty T
Patty Romano
Associate Director for Human Resources
WCH 3.118
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Sierra, Alex
Alexander T Sierra
Financial Analyst