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Students in the College of Natural Sciences have incredible opportunities to distinguish themselves through combinations of research, honors opportunities and international study through college programs and their degree plans.

The Office for Honors, Research and International Study (OHRIS) seeks to promote, integrate and provide resources for these initiatives in support of our students, our faculty and the mission of The University of Texas at Austin. OHRIS also administers the Freshman Research Initiative, which provides early research experience to over 500 students each year.

Many of these programs overlap significantly with each other and students can customize their experiences to fit their talents and goals. For example, our research students can receive honors commendations for their theses upon graduation, our Honors Programs require significant research experiences, and our students studying abroad are connected with international researchers.

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PAI 3.04
(512) 232-9358

The University of Texas at Austin
College of Natural Sciences
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Austin, TX 78712

Arasappan, Dhivya
Dhivya Arasappan
Assistant Professor of Practice, Research Scientist

Dhivya joined the GSAF team in 2008 and primarily deals with analysis of Next-gen sequencing data.
Bagchi, Dia
Dia N Bagchi
Assistant Professor of Practice

Beckham, Josh
Josh T Beckham
Associate Professor of Practice

PAI 2.26A
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Choy, Grace
Grace Choy
Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate III

Gregory B Clark
Distinguished Senior Lecturer, research scientist

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Covert, Arthur
DePue, Lauren
Lauren J Depue Ward
Assistant Professor of Practice

WEL 2.114
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Duncan, Juliana
Juliana R Duncan
Assistant Professor of Practice

Dylla, Tony
Anthony G Dylla
Assistant Professor of Practice

PAI 3.04Q
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Engelman, Shelly
Shelly Engelman
STEM Program Evaluation and Research Coordinator

PAI 3.04H
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Gonzales, Lynda
Lynda Gonzales
Director I

Director for Student Programs
PAI 3.04
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Hatlestad, Gregory J
Ilardi, Elizabeth A
Elizabeth Ilardi
Assistant Professor of Practice

Lehman, Joel
Leonetti, Matteo
Metola, Pedro
Pedro Metola
Clinical Assistant Professor

Dennis M Mishler
Assistant Professor of Practice

NHB 1.412C
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Mike Montgomery
Research Scientist, Assistant Professor of Practice

Asteroseismology of white dwarfs and other stars; stellar convection, crystallization, and evolution; theory/measurement of line profiles
RLM 16.232
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Montogomery, Michael
Michael H Montgomery
Research Scientist, Assistant Professor of Practice

RLM 16.232
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Nava, Suzette
Suzette E Nava
Event Coordinator

PAI 3.04
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Palmer, Gregory
Gregory C Palmer

Research Educator for the Antibiotics Freshman Research Initiative stream, where students isolate antibiotic-producing soil bacteria
Procko, Kristen
Rane, Ashay
Ashay S Rane
Graduate Research Assistant

My research devises defenses against computer security attacks. I am also the Research Educator for the System Security FRI stream.
GDC 5.518F
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Riedel, Timothy
Timothy E Riedel
Assistant Professor of Practice

PAI 3.04
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Rodenbusch, Stacia
Stacia E Rodenbusch
Director, Freshman Research Initiative

Experiential Learning for Undergraduates, Teaching Innovation, Science Education Research
PAI 3.04
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Sandy, Moriah
Moriah M Sandy
Assistant Professor of Practice

Sinapov, Jivko
Stovall, Gwen
Gwendolyn M Stovall
Assistant Professor of Practice, Other University Affiliate

Gwen Stovall supervises the FRI Aptamer Stream, where students use biochemistry and molecular biology to develop tools made of RNA and DNA.
PAI 3.04
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Tutum, Cem C
Cem C Tutum
Research Scientist

Yang, Soo Hyun
Soo Hyun Yang
Assistant Professor of Practice

NHB 1.412B
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Yellman, Chris
Christopher M Yellman
Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate V

MBB 3.128
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Zamora-Olivares, Diana
Diana P Zamora-Olivares
Assistant Professor of Practice