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Sucrese, Alyssa

Alyssa M Sucrese

Teaching Assistant
Department of Human Development and Family Sciences


Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712

Research Interest

Alyssa is a first year graduate student at the University of Texas in Austin, Tx. She is broadly interested in the role that sexual and physical intimacy plays in close relationships. More specifically, she is interested in uncovering a clear understanding of the intersection between sex and contextual stress in commited romantic relationships. Furthermore, she is also investigating the nuances of sexual relationships across the lifespan in order to demonstrate how sex functions differently based on age with the goal of combating the ageist stereotypes that revolve around age and sexual activity. 


PhD graduate student in Human development and Family Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin

B.A. in Psychology at Southwestern University

Research Advisors

Dr. Lisa Neff

Dr. Marci Gleason

Current Projects

Sex Across the Lifespan

Sex and Stress

Sucrese, A. M., Burley, E. E., Perilloux, C., Woods, S. J., & Bencal, Z. (under review). Just friends? An evolutionary perspective on jealousy and extramarital friendships. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences.

Conference Posters

Perilloux, C., Bencal, Z., Burley, E. E., Sucrese, A., Woods, S. J., & Vitullo, M. (2021). Just friends? An evolutionary perspective on jealousy and extramarital friendships. Human Behavior and Evolution Society Conference, Virtually Everywhere.

Selvaraj, P. R., Gomora, S., Shaw, J., & Sucrese, A. (2019). How compassion relates to attitudes towards religious beliefs: A quantitative investigation. Christian Association of Psychological Studies, Dallas, TX.

Teaching Assistance HDF 304 (Family Relationships)