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Full Stream Name: Harnessing Quantum Physics for Computation

Principal Investigators and Research Educators: Dr. Brian La Cour & Dr. James Troupe

Course options: Spring Fall


Quantum computers promise to revolutionize computing as we know it.  How do they work and what are they really good for?

In this FRI stream, students will learn about quantum computing and explore how they may be used to solve real-world problems.  The work will consist of a combination of both computer simulation and hardware experimentation using the small state of the art quantum computer available through the IBM Quantum Experience.  Students will engage in hands-on learning and research using actual hardware that may be accessed locally or remotely.  Research topics will include the following: (1) understanding how quantum systems can be used to store and process information, (2) understanding and implementing quantum algorithms to solve specific problems, and (3) methods of protecting quantum information using quantum error correction.  Students will need a background in basic linear algebra, familiarity with a high-level programming language, and an introduction to modern physics, all of which should be accessible to freshman students. 

It is anticipated that this work would be done in collaboration with ARL, TACC, Physics, and Computer Science departments.



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Computer Science, Physics