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Gregg, Ernest

Ernest R Gregg

User Interface Developer
College of Natural Sciences

Web Developer

Phone: 512-232-1086

Office Location

Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712

After graduating ACC with an Associates Degree in Applied Science in Graphic Design in 2003, I have been a freelance designer. Most of my experience has been working in web design and coding with a smattering of illustration and print work besides.

I have worked with ACC's Computer Science and Advanced Technology Division on its Joomla website and the Dean’s personal Joomla site. Both of these were coding HTML, CSS and some Joomla manipulation. I have also worked on the department sites for Electronics and Advanced Technologies as well as Computer Science'and Computer Information Technology. Those were Drupal based sites. Both sites required some additional custom Javascript / jQuery coding. I had previously worked on the flash interface for the last version of the CSAT site. It was all actionscript and video.

I was an adjunct professor teaching HTML & CSS from January of 2008 until December of 2014. I have truly enjoyed watching the growth of the students.

On the learning front, I have always been a fast study in just about everything that interests me. From becoming moderately fluent in Mandarin Chinese at the Defense Language Institute, the course lasting 47 weeks in 1993, to my stint as a student at ACC. I acquired 93 semester hours at ACC in two calendar years, where in one semester I took 24 hours and the following summer semester I took 15 hours. I am one of those unusual people who is both Left and Right Brained, in that I can do both Art and Math.

Now, I am working at the University of Texas College of Natural Science, Information Technology Department as a Web Developer.