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Herbert L Berk

Professor, Professor Emeritus
Department of Physics

Pervasive Plasma State, Basic Nonlinear Wave Particle Interaction. Plasma physics and developing an energy source from nuclear fusion


Phone: 512-471-1364

Office Location
RLM 11.326

Postal Address
The University of Texas at Austin
2515 SPEEDWAY, Stop C1500
AUSTIN, TX 78712-1203

Ph.D., Princeton University (1964)

Research Interests

The research specialty of Professor Herbert L. Berk is in the discipline of plasma physics, with particular application to developing an energy source from nuclear fusion. He was the editor of the pamphlet the "Pervasive Plasma State" , that describes the scope of research areas and technology in plasma research. 

His current topic of research, is motivated by the need to understand the dynamics of alpha particle containment in fusion producing experiments. These particles can spontaneously excite plasma waves, such as Alfven waves, that may cause alpha particles to be lost prematurely from a fusion machine. To study this problem there was a need to expand the basic understanding of the resonant wave-particle interaction. The generality of this topic leads to new fundamental descriptions of nonlinear phenomena associated with the wave-particle interaction.