Preston, Alison

Alison R Preston

Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Department of Psychology, Department of Neuroscience

Phone: 512-475-7255

Office Location
NHB 3.352

Postal Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Psychology, College of Liberal Arts
1 University Station A8000
Austin, TX 78712

My research focuses on understanding memory and how it is implemented in the human brain. Using a combination of behavioral and brain imaging techniques, my research explores how we form new memories, how we remember past experiences, and how our memory for the past can influence our present behavior. The structures of the medial temporal lobe play a critical role in the formation, retention, and retrieval of memory. High-resolution functional neuroimaging techniques allow the exploration of how the structures within this region make unique contributions to memory processing and how these regions may interact with brain regions involved in perception, attention, emotion, and other cognitive processes.

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