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Full Stream Name: DIY Diagnostics

Research Educator: Tim Riedel

Principal Investigators: Andy Ellington, Pradeep Ravikumar, Peter Stone

Credit Options: Spring: CH204 & NSC109 Fall: BIO206L & BIO177 (Wr Flag), BIO377, CH369K, or CS378

Can we disrupt the health care paradigm by developing health diagnostics intended for home use?

Be a part of the ongoing revolution of do-it-yourself (DIY) health diagnostics!  This new stream will design and develop inexpensive andeasy-to-use medical diagnostic tests intended for the patient to use at home.  This democratization of diagnosis will save time and money and help combat the growing cost of health care.  Concurrent with developing diagnostic tests, we will be building virtual interfaces to tap into the power of medical and social data sets for improving patient health.  This stream is open to developing diagnostic technology utilizing any tools available including, but not limited to, biochemical tests, electronics, robotics, and large data sets including social networks.

More information on the STREAM SITE

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Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science