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Full Stream Name: Bioprospecting: Isolation of Biologically Active Natural Products from Endophytes

Research Educator: Moriah Sandy

Principal Investigator: Christine Hawkes

Credit Options: Spring: CH204 & NSC109 Fall: BIO206L & BIO177 (Wr Flag), BIO377, or CH369K

What biologically active compounds can be obtained from endophytes present in native Texas plants?

The primary objective of the Bioprospecting stream is to isolate, characterize, cultivate, process and screen unique fungal endophytes from Central Texas for the discovery of compounds with potential therapeutic applications.The stream will span multiple sub-disciplines of biology and chemistry.  Our primary focus is mycology, molecular biology, and organic chemistry.

While working towards the primary objective, we also investigate questions regarding the ecology of fungal endophtyes.

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Biology, Chemistry