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Full Stream Name: Biology of Biofuels

Research Educator: Brandon E Campitelli

Principal Investigator: Tom Juenger

Credit Options: Spring & Fall 

Can we use plant biomass as a carbon neutral energy source, and what are the limits of plant productivity?

A major challenge facing the world is the growing demand for energy and the negative consequences of increased energy use. In particular, increased atmospheric CO2 resulting from fossil fuel use is thought to be a major driver of climate change. Biofuels may provide a sustainable replacement of fossil fuels while also minimizing anthropogenic climate change. Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) has been championed as one promising biofuel species. This FRI stream will incorporate content and research projects on plant physiology, genetics/genomics, plant breeding, ecology, and climate change to explore the usefulness of switchgrass and other biofuels. Click here for more information on our research projects or click here to watch the stream video

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