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The college is part of the larger university. In general, only the endorsed logo (with the words The University of Texas at Austin) should be used (see UT visual guidelines).

If you would like to use the college logo or a new departmental logo tied in with the University academic identity system in your publications, you can download them here and/or contact David Steadman to obtain a suitable version.


College Logo


cns rgb


cns k

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Innapropriate Uses

Do not use the logo/wordmark in any other way that presented above. Below are examples of how not to use the logo.

Do not change the color:


Do not rearrange the graphics:


Do not recreate the wordmarks with new fonts:


Do not stretch:


Do not use low resolution formats for print:



Color Palette

Please refer to the official palette for The University of Texas at Austin:




For more information, contact David Steadman.