Winning image from 2016

In celebration of the Visualizing Science competition's fifth year, the College of Natural Sciences has created a new category for submissions from our alumni.

We are looking for images that celebrate the extraordinary beauty of science and the scientific process. In essence, we want images that capture the moment where science and art collide.

The top image in this category will receive a prize of $300. The winning image will be prominently displayed on campus and on the college's website. Many of the submitted images will be shared in print, video, and other areas of communication. 

Images can include visualizations, photographs, microscope images, fractals, patterns, mathematical equations, and so on. You can see winning images from the past five years here. Your images will help us tell stories about the great scientific work inspired by your love of science, nature and perhaps even your time here in the College of Natural Sciences. (After all, as we like to say, Discovery Starts Here!)

*Please note: 2018 submissions for current members of the College of Natural Sciences student body and faculty open soon. *

Submission Guidelines

  1. Images must have been produced by a member of the alumni community of the College of Natural Sciences and pertain to science. They can include visualizations, photographs, microscope images, fractals, patterns, scalable vector files, etc.
  2. Please submit all images by August 31, 2018.
  3. Please include a short description of the image.
  4. All images are welcome, but large-sized digital images are preferred. Ideal size: 8700x5100 pixels or 14.5in x 8.5in at 600dpi (larger is better). Please submit digital files in one of the following formats: jpeg, png, tiff, eps, or ai.
  5. Please choose only your best 2-3 images.
  6. Send images to Steve Franklin using the upload box below or by email at
  7. Hardcopy images can be mailed to:
    Steve Franklin
    The University of Texas at Austin
    120 Inner Campus Dr Stop G2500
    Austin, TX 78712
  8. Submissions may be featured on the college's website and materials. If this is an image from an organization or company you work with, please ensure you have rights to share it with UT Austin.